Major Improvements Made to Searching in HeinOnline!

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Shannon Furtak

The Hein Company has long enjoyed a reputation of having the best customer service in the industry. We have always welcomed both positive and negative customer feedback. We recently surveyed our customers to find out what they liked best about HeinOnline and what features could use improvement. While we learned that we’re doing many things right, we found much that could be improved with our searching and search results.

We have taken this feedback seriously and will be implementing many of the suggestions we received as we work to enhance the HeinOnline interface over the next few months. In the meantime, we have drastically improved the algorithm we use for calculating search result relevancy.

Improvements to Search Relevancy Algorithm

We found that many users apply a “Google” search technique when using the advanced search boxes in HeinOnline…

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Dropbox: New Video and Troubleshooting Information

Training, What's New

New Video!

We have created a new training video on the use of the Dropbox application in HeinOnline:

Troubleshooting Dropbox

Users who access HeinOnline via a proxy server must provide the domain of the proxy to HeinOnline in order for the Dropbox application to function properly; Dropbox also suggests whitelisting all of its verified domains in the proxy's configuration.

Also, please note that we have received reports from EZProxy users that they are unable to use the Dropbox application in HeinOnline. We are working with OCLC on this problem, but because the problem appears to be specific to EZProxy…

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New Feature: Follow Your Favorite Authors in HeinOnline!

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Shannon Furtak

Thanks to a fantastic suggestion from University of Wisconsin Law School librarian Bonnie Shucha, we have recently made it possible to follow your favorite law review article authors via the Author Profile Pages in HeinOnline! To access the author’s profile page, simply click on the author’s name from search results:

Then, click Set up e-mail alerts, and enter your e-mail address:

You will receive a notification via e-mail that these alerts have been set up:

You will then be notified via e-mail when new material written by your author(s) is added to HeinOnline…

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New Video Available: Citations on a Page

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Shannon Furtak

Using HeinOnline's ScholarCheck tool is like having an assistant helping with your legal research!  In the past year, we've made several enhancements to ScholarCheck. Check out how we've integrated the features of ScholarCheck into case law powered by Fastcase here. We've also added the ability to view the number of times an article has been viewed by other HeinOnline users in a rolling 12-month period, which we discuss in detail here. Check out this post about how we've added the ScholarCheck "cited by articles" analysis to Index to Foreign Legal PeriodicalsUsers can now view the cumulative number of times an author's articles have been cited by other articles next to the author's name in search results…

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January HeinOnline Enhancements

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Shannon Furtak

We are pleased to announce three enhancements we've made with this month's content release! We have added the ability to download PDFs from HeinOnline directly into your Dropbox Account. Case-level indexing has been added to Decisions of the Court of Session, from Its Institution until the Separation of the Court into Two Divisions in the Year 1808, Digested under Proper Heads, in the Form of a DictionaryThis title, popularly known as Morison's Dictionary, can be found in Scottish Legal History: Featuring Publications of the Stair Society. Lastly, the Congressional Record Daily to Bound Citation Locator has been added to the Citation Navigator tab in the U.S…

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NOW AVAILABLE: ABA Law Library Collection Periodicals

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Shannon Furtak

HeinOnline has teamed up with the American Bar Association to offer unprecedented electronic access to the ABA Law Library Collection Periodicals, formerly known as the ABA Package Plan.

Ultimately, subscribers to this package who also have HeinOnline's Law Journal Library will have access to a complete archive of more than 100 periodicals, 45 of which were previously available only to members. Impressively, these 45 publications will be available by the end of February 2015 as full-color PDFs! Customers who do not currently have access to the Law Journal Library and subscribe to only the ABA Law Library Collection Periodicals will receive access to the most current material…

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American Law Institute Library Reorganization

ALI, What's New
Shannon Furtak

Check out the new layout of the American Law Institute Library in HeinOnline! This collection features the publications of the "most prestigious legal group in the United States," according to retired Justice Sandra Day O'Connor at the May 2002 ALI Annual Meeting. The Institute is composed of lawyers, judges, and law professors; it drafts, discusses, revises, and publishes the Restatements of the Law, model statutes, and principles of law that are enormously influential in the courts, legislatures, legal scholarship, and education.

This collection contains ALI Annual Reports, Proceedings of ALI Annual Meetings, ALI Reporter

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New Feature: Author Profile Pages

Enhancements, Law Journal Library, What's New
Shannon Furtak

HeinOnline makes it easy for authors of law review articles to showcase their work. Check out our new author profile pages in the Law Journal Library!

How to Access

To access the profile page for a particular author, simply search for that author using the quick search bar on the Law Journal Library homepage:

From the search results, click the author's name, which will link to the profile page and a list of articles written by the author.

How to Enhance Your Author Profile Page

If you are an author and would like to enhance your basic profile page…

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New Video: Law Journal Library 101

Law Journal Library, Tips and Tricks, What's New
Shannon Furtak

Are you looking for a tool to show your students or staff the basics of navigating and searching in HeinOnline's Law Journal Library? Check out our latest video on this topic, available in two formats on

A special thank you to Hannah Young from the Southampton Solent University Library for suggesting a video on the Law Journal Library! We encourage customer feedback on both HeinOnline and our training materials, so if you have an idea for a future video, please e-mail us at

Interested in web training for your institution? Fill out our training request form

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U.S. Code Citation Locator Enhanced!

Enhancements, U.S. Code, What's New
Shannon Furtak

HeinOnline's U.S. Code collection just got even better! Not only do we have comprehensive coverage of the United States Code and fully searchable PDF images that are exact replicas of the print publication, users can now take advantage of our improved U.S. Code Citation Locator!

Previously, in order to keep this collection both efficient and affordable, indexing to the section level in the U.S. Code was not provided. The citation locator tool performed a text search within the selected title and edition for the text of the section, which was effective, but sometimes caused users to sift through extraneous results. The improved citation locator tool, when possible, brings the user to the exact page on which their section occurs…

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