Hein's ScholarCheck has been Enhanced!

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Shannon Furtak

In our never-ending quest to improve your legal research experience, we have added a new feature to Hein's ScholarCheck! In addition to viewing the number of times an article has been cited, users can now view the number of times an article has been accessed within a rolling twelve-month period.

We have also added the option to sort search results by Number of Times Accessed. A search in the Law Journal Library for all articles contained in HeinOnline reveal these three articles as the most-accessed in the past twelve months:

R.H. Coase's article, The Problem of Social Cost, discusses the actions of businesses which have harmful effects on others…

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NOW AVAILABLE: Fastcase/HeinOnline Account Synchronization and Fastcase Premium!

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Shannon Furtak

As most of you know, HeinOnline partnered with Fastcase  to release Case Law Powered by Fastcase in December of 2013, which provides access to case law for HeinOnline Core subscribers at no additional cost! This partnership is the winner of the 2014 AALL New Product of the Year Award and has been extremely well-received by our customers.

This partnership has recently been enhanced: users who subscribe to both HeinOnline and Fastcase now have the ability to synchronize their accounts and take advantage of additional features of case law powered by Fastcase via HeinOnline, again at no additional charge

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Enhanced Discoverability of Legislative Histories in HeinOnline

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HeinOnline Blogger

We recently received a request to include a listing for all public laws in the U.S. Federal Legislative History Library.

HeinOnline contains the full text for hundreds of legislative histories in several HeinOnline collections.  We previously did a blog post on searching for legislative histories and the different collections in which they may be found.

Now we have made it even easier to search for Federal Legislation, by adding listings  for public laws in other collections for which we have full text to the “Browse by: Public Law No.” and “Browse by: Popular Name” lists in the U.S. Federal Legislative History homepage.

To illustrate the enhanced capabilities of this feature, we’ll do a search for the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act…

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Official Gazettes of the United States Patent and Trademark Office Available in HeinOnline's Intellectual Property Law Collection!

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Shannon Furtak

Where can a researcher find the Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office: Patents or Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office: Trademarks? HeinOnline's Intellectual Property Law Collection now contains access to the full run of both Official Gazettes, which began as the Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office and in 1971 separated into two Gazettes with categories of Trademarks and Patents. Effective with the May 2014 content release, HeinOnline now includes the full archives of both sets!

The Official Gazette: Trademarks print version ceased in December of 2012 but continues to be published electronically…

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AALL Awards 2014 New Product of the Year to Publishing Partners Fastcase & HeinOnline

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Jackie Stanley

AALL Awards 2014 New Product of the Year to Publishing Partners Fastcase and HeinOnline

Integrating Legal Research Libraries and Smarter Tools Benefits Legal Profession

WASHINGTON, DC and GETZVILLE, NY (May 14, 2014) – The American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) has named publishing partners Fastcase and William S. Hein & Co., Inc. as joint winners of its 2014 New Product of the Year Award. AALL is recognizing the partners for integrating the Fastcase and HeinOnline legal research libraries and research tools. The companies will accept the award during the association’s 107th Annual Meeting this July in San Antonio, Texas.

The New Product of the Year award recognizes new legal information products that enhance or improve existing law library services or procedures…

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CRS Reports Enhanced and Added to the U.S. Congressional Documents Collection

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Shannon Furtak

Back in early March, we blogged about the availability of CRS Reports in HeinOnline.  We have enhanced their discoverability by creating subcollections for CRS Reports in both the Taxation & Economic Reform in America Parts I & II and the History of Bankruptcy: Taxation & Economic Reform in America Part III libraries.

These subject-specific CRS Reports can be accessed from the Welcome Screen by expanding each collection to reveal subcollections:

Or by entering a collection and choosing CRS Reports from the Browse Options:

Additionally,  we have now brought ALL of these CRS Reports together into one collection and added them to our U.S…

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Enhancement: Search within a Specific Collection from the Welcome Page!

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Shannon Furtak

Back in January, we enhanced the one-box search function on the Welcome Page. In addition to being able to search the text of all subscribed collections, users were given the ability to search the catalog fields and also to search for material by Bluebook citation. We have recently added yet another enhancement to one-box searching! Users can now narrow their search to a specific collection from this tool. Once you are logged into HeinOnline, simply select one particular library before utilizing the search box.

For example, if you would like to search for any U.S. Congressional Documents contained in HeinOnline that pertain to the topic of homeland security and Senator Charles Schumer:

From there…

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U.S. International Trade Library Grows to 1.5 Million Pages

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HeinOnline Blogger

The U.S. International Trade Library is a comprehensive library that comprises multiple resources in one area for easy access.  The library contains USITC publications for 1961-2014, Legislative Histories, CFR Titles 15 and 19, U.S. Code Titles 15 and 19, Scholarly Articles on International Trade and other works related to international trade — all in one collection.  Together, these resources feature the exchange of goods and services between the United States and other nations, as well as the history of Section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930.  This collection brings together more than 1.5 million pages' worth of content.

Among the new additions to the Library are:

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New HeinOnline Collection Available: Women and the Law (Peggy)

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Shannon Furtak

HeinOnline is pleased to announce the release of Women and the Law (Peggy), a new collection uniting books, biographies and periodicals dedicated to the role of women in society and the law.

Notable works included in this library are History of Woman Suffrage (1881-1922), the complete Feminism and Legal Theory Project, and the Documentary History of the Legal Aspects of Abortion series. Also featured are other works on abortion, biographies of famous women, works pertaining to legal rights and suffrage, and books and journals that pertain to the role of women in education and employment.

We have included this valuable collection at no additional cost to Academic Core subscribers…

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Newly Redesigned Help and Support Page & Training Available

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HeinOnline Blogger

Now featuring HeinOnline's newly redesigned Help and Support Pages.

HeinOnline has just launched a new Help Page.  This page is more user friendly than the previous page and integrates the HeinOnline blog so that you can see other help topics and subjects previously discussed in HeinOnline.

If you have a question about something you are researching in HeinOnline or if you do not know how to use a feature of HeinOnline, our Help Page has training guides, library specific support, our most frequently asked questions on a variety of topics and video demonstrations.

The new Help Page is fully searchable and your search results will include the aforementioned resources and blog posts that have discussed your topic.  The search box also includes an autofill feature.  Simply start typing your search terms into the search box and HeinOnline will suggest possible search topics for you…

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