New Author Profile Email Alert Now Available

Author Profile Pages, What's New
Lauren Mattiuzzo

Users who have authored articles in HeinOnline or who follow the work of professors and colleagues will love this new feature! Users are now able to receive email alerts when works by authors of their choice are accessed by other HeinOnline researchers. This feature was developed thanks to a suggestion by Shawn Nevers, Deputy Librarian at Brigham Young University.

How to Set Up Email Alerts

To access the profile page for a particular author, simply search for that author using the Advanced Search option on the Law Journal Library homepage…

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HeinOnline Enables CASA, Makes Students’ and Librarians’ Lives Better

Access, What's New
Shannon Sabo

HeinOnline recently expanded its existing relationship with Google Scholar with the rollout of Campus-Activated Subscriber Access (CASA). CASA, which means ‘house’ in Spanish, allows off-campus and mobile users to access HeinOnline seamlessly, exactly as though the user is on-campus. With CASA, students can begin their research in a campus library and continue to access HeinOnline content from home without the hassle of logging in through a proxy server or web portal.

About CASA

According to Anurag Acharya, co-creator of Google Scholar:

“CASA builds on Google Scholar’s Subscriber Links program which provides direct links in the search interface to subscribed collections for on-campus users…

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NEW! Title Alerts Now Available

MyHein, Searching, What's New
Lauren Mattiuzzo

Can’t keep up with all the titles we are adding each month? Want to be alerted when titles with certain terms or keywords are added to HeinOnline? Well now you can thanks to a customer suggestion! Users now have the ability to save catalog search queries to their MyHein account. Utilize this personal research tool to save search queries and maximize your research time. To learn more about MyHein, view the user’s guide and create your account today!

How to Set Up Alerts

When searching in HeinOnline

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Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning Tools in HeinOnline: Part 2

Law Journal Library, Searching, What's New
Shannon Sabo

Last month, new natural language processing and machine learning tools were released in beta format in HeinOnline’s Law Journal Library. This blog post described the new More Like This tool, as well as new topic and entity application, in detail. This month, additional features using these concepts are now available.

What’s New?

Topics and entities are now available within document metadata fields and search facets. Entities include location, person, and organization. For instance, search for “Supreme Court” AND gerrymander* and sort results by number of times cited by articles…

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NOW AVAILABLE: Trial Manual 6 for the Defense of Criminal Cases

ALI, What's New
Shannon Sabo

HeinOnline’s American Law Institute Library continues to grow with the addition of Trial Manual 6 for the Defense of Criminal Cases. This widely-used how-to guide for handling criminal court cases was initially published in 1967, and, prior to this recent edition, was last updated in 1988.

Developed because of an urgent need for criminal defense lawyers, the original project was funded by the National Defender Project of the Legal Aid and Defender Association, the American College of Trial Lawyers, and the American Law Institute-American Bar Association Committee on Continuing Professional Legal Education (ALI-ABA),…

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New Catalog Feature in HeinOnline!

Cataloguing, Enhancements, What's New
Lauren Mattiuzzo

Thousands of catalog subjects are now browsable in HeinOnline. The Subjects tool can be found under the Catalog tab within any database. This subject coding is at the title level and can be used to browse subjects and look for documents on a specific subject.

User’s Guide

From the HeinOnline homepage, locate the Catalog tab and find the Subjects tool. Browse the A-Z index listing by either Count or Name. The count represents the number of titles in HeinOnline pertaining to a subject…

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New in HeinOnline: The Canadian Bar Review

Bar Journals Library, Law Journal Library, Searching, What's New
Lauren Mattiuzzo

The Canadian Bar Review has been added to HeinOnline with the August content release. This peer-reviewed legal journal founded in 1923 is the successor to Canadian Law Times and Canada Law Journal, which date back to 1855 and provide important insight into Canadian legal history. These two journals ceased publishing to form the Canadian Bar Review. For the first time ever, all three publications are available on one platform.

About the Canadian Bar Review

The Canadian Bar Review is compiled by the Canadian Bar Association

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Organize Your Research With HeinOnline and PowerNotes

PowerNotes, Tips and Tricks, What's New
Shannon Sabo

HeinOnline is a powerful research database with an incredible variety of content and depth of coverage. PowerNotes is a helpful Chrome extension that not only saves what’s important, but also helps users focus their research and organize information. Using these two resources together is an excellent way to maximize research time and develop a well-planned outline for papers, blog posts, and even shopping excursions.

Here are the steps to get started:

Step 1: Add the PowerNotes Chrome extension

Download the PowerNotes extension here and sign up. Everyone gets one project free and many students have access to PowerNotes via university-wide subscriptions…

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Set Your Cites on HeinOnline

Citations, Exploring HeinOnline, What's New
Kaylyn Zurawski

HeinOnline consistently strives to improve users’ research experiences by enhancing existing features and developing new tools.

The HeinOnline interface provides several tools related to citations. HeinOnline is easy to cite from and find citations in, and users are able to export citations to various platforms. Check out some of these cite tools below! 

Citation Tab

Easily retrieve a document by clicking the citation tab on the main search bar from any page in HeinOnline.

Citation Format Guide

To find proper abbreviations…

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Indexing Our Way Through State Session Laws: An Update

Content News, Feedback, Session Laws, What's New
Lauren Mattiuzzo

You spoke, we listened. Thanks to feedback from a customer survey, we have enhanced our Session Laws Library by indexing all 50 states to the chapter or act level from 2000 to date. A few months back, we announced an amended tactic: states would be indexed back to inception one-by-one beginning with the most accessed states.

Where Are We Now?

We have completed the states of California (1849-2016) and New York (1691-2016). Both of these states are now indexed back to inception…

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