Crime of the Century: The Case of Timothy Evans

Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice & Criminology, History of Capital Punishment, Law Journal Library, World Trials
Stephanie Ruesch

Thomasina was fed up with her son, Timothy.

It has been weeks since Thomasina had heard from her daughter-in-law, Beryl, who was normally in regular contact with her in-laws. Originally Timothy had said Beryl and their infant daughter had left London to visit Beryl’s father in Brighton. Now Thomasina had learned that Timothy too had left London, returning to his hometown of Merthyr Tydfil in Wales, where he was staying with his aunt and uncle. Before he had left London, Timothy had quit his job and sold off all the couple’s furniture. When Thomasina heard what her son was up to, she was furious…

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Crime of the Century: The Kidnapping of Peter Weinberger

History of Capital Punishment, Law Journal Library, Statutes at Large, U.S. Supreme Court, World Trials
Stephanie Ruesch

It was an unremarkable Independence Day in equally unremarkable Westbury, New York, a sleepy suburban village of approximately 15,000 souls in Long Island’s Nassau County. Westbury was a community prototypical of the post-war boom, a quiet place where everyone knew their neighbors, children played safely outside, and no one locked their doors at night. On that afternoon in 1956, Betty Weinberger sat on the patio of her modest ranch-style home with her one-month-old son, Peter, enjoying the summer air. She placed her sleeping son in his carriage on the patio and briefly stepped inside the house. But when she returned just a few minutes later, Peter was gone. Panicked and bewildered…

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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things (in HeinOnline)

Animal Law, Exploring HeinOnline, History of Capital Punishment, Religion & the Law, World Trials
Stephanie Ruesch

At Hein we know our users go for the heavy hitters, the tried and trues of legal research: your session laws, your CFRs, your congressional documents. Sprinkle in a hearty dose of journal articles and you’ve got yourself an excellent greatest hits album of research needs.

But HeinOnline contains so much more within its nearly 188 million pages. Back when this blogger first began working at the Hein company, her job was to prepare content for digitization. Over the years, some eclectic, cool, and even weird books crossed this blogger’s desk. Join us for a little tour through the following databases to spend some time with titles you may have overlooked…

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Hein on Hamilton: Celebrating an American Musical

American History, Government Documents, Legal Classics, U.S. Congressional Serial Set, World Constitutions Illustrated, World Trials
Stephanie Ruesch

This past weekend our nation experienced a great, patriotic, unifying celebratory occasion. Step aside, Independence Day. On July 3rd, Hamilton was finally released on Disney+. Filmed across three performances in June 2016, the film version captures the stage production of the hit musical with its original cast and brings it into the comfortable and affordable living rooms of the masses. Now that we’ve all had a few days to rewatch it a couple or dozen times, let’s unpack this American musical with some supplementary materials from your favorite research database.

Don’t say no to this! Make sure you are subscribed to the databases we’ll be referencing so you can follow along:

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Yo, Ho, Ho and a Bottle of Rum: A Tale of Piracy and Maritime Law

Foreign Affairs, Law, Law Journal Library, World Treaty Library, World Trials
Tara Kibler

Ahoy there, maties! This very day be International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Do ye know wha’ that means? Aye, that’s right, me hearties—we shall be natterin’ about pirates today! Ready yer sea legs, grab yer cup o’ grog, and leave them landlubbers behind.

Before We Get Started

Don’t miss out, ye filthy scallywags! Ye’ll need the databases below to follow along with this post. Click the links below to start yer trial today.

Piracy: Then and Now


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HeinOnline's Tip of the Week: Search a Specific Volume of a Title in the Legal Classics or World Trials Libraries

Legal Classics, Searching, Tips and Tricks, World Trials
HeinOnline Blogger

In the Legal Classics and World Trials libraries, you may come across titles that have multiple volumes. Some sets are more extensive than others, but in any case, you may want to search only a volume or two rather than search across the entire set. Thus, this week’s tip is focused on how to search a specific volume of a specific title in the Legal Classics and World Trials libraries.

For our example, we want to find references to “conspiracy” in the 17 volume set of “American State Trials; a Collection of the Important and Interesting Criminal Trials Which Have Taken Place in the United States from the Beginning of Our Government to the Present Day” written by John D…

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MARC21 Records for World Trials Library available from Cassidy Cataloguing

Cataloguing, News, World Trials
HeinOnline Blogger

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Cassidy Cataloguing to offer MARC21 records for the World Trials Library. The MARC21 records for this collection will be developed and managed wholly by Cassidy Cataloguing, who is offering the records at a one-time subscription price. A subscription will include MARC21 records for up to 1,900 titles comprising Phase I of the World Trials Library. It will also include monthly updates that will coincide with new content released in Phase I of this library in HeinOnline. On average, we have been adding approximately 100 titles per month to the World Trials Collection and will continue to do so until the digitization of the Cornell Law collection is completed. After the digitization of Phase I is complete…

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