Hackney Publications: Part I

Hackney Publications: Part I

HeinOnline has partnered with Hackney Publications, which explores the legal side of sports in depth and delivers mission-critical information to professionals who have chosen the sports industry as their field. These journals provide analyses to help these professionals make the best business decisions.

The three titles below are now included in the Law Journal Library with an embargo, but current content is available for these titles individually or as a package through HeinOnline’s Current Content Model.

Title List:
  • Legal Issues in Collegiate Athletics is a narrowly focused newsletter that monitors case law and legal developments at the intersection of sports and the higher education industry. Each month, LICA provides summaries and analysis of court opinions as well as stories about issues that have an impact on the typical college athletic department.
  • Journal of NCAA Compliance was founded in 2006, initially in partnership with Florida Coastal School of Law. JONC is published bi-monthly and discusses the myriad issues in the growing field of college sports law.
  • Professional Sports and the Law delivers summaries of important court decisions, expert legal analyses, and relevant sports law articles to attorneys and other executives that work in-house for professional sports teams. PSL is printed and mailed every two months.


These journals are available via Hein’s Current Content Model. This model provides subscribers with online access to both the archive and the current article or issue of a Hein-published journal, or in this case, Hackney Publication’s journals, when they become available. This allows users to gain online access to every article as soon as it is published. Online access also includes all historical volumes, and the entire archive is fully searchable. Those who do not subscribe to current content will still be able to view the journal in the Law Journal Library, but there will be a one-year embargo on the title.

Purchasing Current Content Individually
  • Legal Issues in Collegiate Athletics:                                                           $225.00
  • Journal of NCAA Compliance:                                                                     $225.00
  • Professional Sports and the Law:                                                               $395.00
Current Content Bundles
  • Legal Issues in Collegiate AthleticsJournal of NCAA Compliance:   $395.00
  • All three journals:                                                                                            $595.00

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