Digital Ownership

Digital Ownership

Current Technology

As a part of HeinOnline’s Digital Ownership Program, the electronic files will be stored on a 500gb hard drive that comes in a storage box which is stamped with the name of the library you purchase. If new technology exists at the time of renewal, we will provide you with the most current technological device that we are using to store electronic files. Updating the technology ensures your accessibility and eliminates the potential for having a storage device that is not compatible with current digital technology.

Renewal of Ownership

You can keep your digital ownership files and the technology used to store those files up to date by renewing your digital content ownership each year. Your ownership renewal date is the date upon which you will be eligible to refresh the enclosed electronic storage device. There is a fee associated with the renewal, which is determined based upon the amount of content added to the library over the previous 12 month period. If you chose to renew your digital content ownership at that time, all you need to do is return the electronic storage device to us. We will update the device to include any changes made to existing content and all new content added to the collection in the previous 12 months.