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Digital Services for Libraries

Our experts have converted more than 200,000,000 images!

“People who use Hein products highlight the many online services that the Hein Co. offers, and Hein certainly offers a wide range of online resources. However, Hein’s services extend beyond access to online resources. One service that Hein offers is digital scanning. In 2012, the Kathrine R. Everett Law Library began digitizing parts of its collection of North Carolina Supreme Court briefs, and we have been extremely satisfied with Hein’s digitization process. The digital documents come with an OCR layer, which makes them fully searchable, and the scans are high-quality. Hein has scanned over 700,000 pages, and Justin Fronczak’s assistance has made the first stage of our digitization project tremendously manageable. Establishing a good working relationship with the Hein Co. certainly is helpful as we consider digitizing other parts of our collection.”

Jessie Griffin, Metadata & Digital Service Manager, Kathrine E. Everett Law Library

  • From the smallest rare book or microfiche collection to the largest unique collection at your library – we help libraries
  • Digitize your print or microform collections into an image-based, fully searchable format
  • More than 100 years of Hein staff experience awaits


From just 25 periodicals in 2000, HeinOnline now contains more than 2,400 journals and includes core U.S. Government documents such as the U.S. Federal Register, U.S. Treaties, U.S. Reports, Congressional Record, Code of Federal Regulations and more. In addition, our Legal Classics and World Trials databases stand second to none in depth of content and document quality.

Now, as libraries begin to evaluate ways to bring their unique historical collections to their university population or the world, the Hein Company is here to help and share our expertise. 

Consulting Services

Pick up the phone and give us a call at 800.828.7571 or let us come visit you! We’ll bring our knowledge and expertise to your library to help you understand the advantages of bringing your own historical documents to the desktops of your patrons and the world.

Hosting Services

Your digital files can be prepared for your own hosting service, or we can host them for you.

If you choose our hosting service, you’ll have access to the HeinOnline software and interface that you’re already accustomed to using. We can add your new library to your sign-in page in HeinOnline.

Want only a limited number of people to access your unique collection? If you use HeinOnline as your host, we can control who is/is not able to access your digital collection. Share rare, delicate material with your patrons or the world.

Preservation Services

With more than 30 years in the microfilm publishing business, we can reproduce your collections into long-life microform (fiche or roll film), as well as store a duplicate electronic copy in our climate-controlled vault.


We can help make your material discoverable to your patrons with the addition of metadata. The addition of metadata will make it easier to search using HeinOnline’s powerful search engine.

Digitzation Services

Beyond consulting, we would be happy to scan and index your documents, using our state-of-the-art equipment and technology that is at the forefront of today’s best scanning technology.

We have more than 40 years of experience in document conversion. We’ve been scanning since the early 1990s and we understand how to scan based on document type. With various types of scanners, we can recommend the most cost-effective way to scan. Photos, grayscale, color – we do it all!

Bound Book Scanning

Worried about your rare and fragile books? We understand your concern. We have bound book scanners to handle delicate books and documents. With these scanners, books are opened to only 110° and do not need to be unbound. We return your books to your in the same condition as we receive them.

Microfilm/Microfiche Conversion

Our film/fiche scanners use superior camera technology that produce incredible speed, precision, and uniform output. Scanned images are sharper with better edge definition because our scanners use fiber-optics as their light source, eliminating hot spots and uneven lighting.

Oversized Document Scanning

Merging the flexibility of flatbed scanners with the best of wide format imaging technology, our oversized document scanner is the ideal scanner for capturing books, fragile originals, and other thick or delicate materials up to 18″ x 24″. Unlimited scanning thickness means that our flatbed scanner can handle all of your scanning needs.

Why digitize with Hein?

  • Increase and broaden access to your patrons
  • Improve control over collections of rare or sensitive materials
  • Provide alternative access for fragile materials
  • Open a window into the past
  • Provide an innovative environment for users

For more information regarding Hein’s Digital Services for Libraries, or any Hein product, please contact:

Justin Fronczak

Director, Production
1.800.828.7571, ext. 166

“We at the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library have had a working relationship with William S. Hein & Co. for 12 years or more. In exchange for us batching and releasing books that have been identified for scanning and inclusion in their legal databases, we receive digital copies of all of those books and have requested many special scanning projects over the years. Our specially requested scanning projects have included multi-volume scrapbooks for local historians, some rare books for remote scholarly researchers and poor house ledgers for genealogists. Hein has scanned many items for our rare book exhibits too, including our valuable copy of The Federalist, a locally prominent woman’s 1920’s diary, and, most recently, a landscape architect’s book with difficult-to-capture “before and after” tabbed overlay illustrations. We trust the people at Hein with our rare and valuable material because we know they keep our materials safely and always handle them with care. Without a full-time scanning operation in our library, the digitization of the materials mentioned would not have been possible. We are grateful that the people at William S. Hein & Co. are willing to digitize our special collections whenever we have a need for this.”

Amy J. Pickard, Rare Book Curator, Buffalo & Erie County Public Library