January 2018 Newsletter – Publication Changes

January 2018 Newsletter

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Content Summary

  • Updated Databases: 52
  • New titles: 8,747
  • New volumes: 2,824
  • New pages: 808,175
  • Total Pages: 154,214,510

Below is a comprehensive list of all publication and title changes this month.

Title Changes

‘Localism’: Statutes and Rules Affecting Local Programming on Broadcast, Cable, and Satellite Television (RL32641) January 9, 2008
Kept: hein.crs/crsadzh0001
Deleted: hein.crs/crsmthaatvh0001

Publication Changes

Title #00005644
Harvard Latinx Law Review
The publisher has advised that beginning with Volume 20 #1 the Harvard Latino Law Review has changed to the Harvard Latinx Law Review.