March 2018 Newsletter – Introduction

March 2018 Newsletter

Table of Contents

Content Summary

  • Updated Databases: 52
  • New titles: 2,370
  • New volumes: 2,983
  • New pages: 829,079
  • Total Pages: 155,774,519

Dear Valued Customer,

Spring is on the horizon, and HeinOnline is pleased to end the winter season with an incredible update of content packed into 800,000 pages. Nearly 2,400 titles were added and 52 databases updated, and HeinOnline now includes more than 155 million pages!

New Leadership

We are pleased to announce an important change at William S. Hein & Co., Inc. and HeinOnline! Shane P. Marmion, former Vice President of Product Development, is now the fourth president in the company’s history. He replaces his father, Kevin, who served as Hein’s president for more than twenty years. Kevin remains at Hein as CEO and will continue to develop long-term strategic goals for the company.

Content Updates

The Law Journal Library recently surpassed 2,500 titles and continues to grow with the addition of 11 new journals this month! More than 320 titles have been added to the American Indian Law Collection—a large portion of which focuses on tribal constitutions. Other substantial updates have been made to various databases, including two new updates to Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals and nearly 45 titles added to Religion and the Law.

Major Database Updates

Last month, HeinOnline’s Legal Classics database reached another milestone: it now contains more than 11,000 titles! This database was launched in March of 2005 with just 100 titles and 300,000 pages. Since then, it’s grown to include nearly 11,500 titles, with hundreds of new titles being added each month.

The Session Laws Library indexing project continues: all 50 states are already indexed to the chapter or act level from 2000 to date. During the summer of 2017, we announced an amended tactic: states would be indexed back to inception one-by-one, beginning with the most accessed states. California, New York, Maryland, Florida, Ohio, and Georgia have now been indexed back to inception. Moving forward, the next focus will be on Texas.

New Features

Three new features have recently been added to HeinOnline. Enhanced metadata to improve search and discovery has been added to the Federal Register Library, language faceting has been added to the Law Journal Library, and a map view to include court districts has been added to State Reports: A Historical Archive.

New Print Publications

Two new print publications are now available. Monograph Series V: Conflicts in Space and the Rule of Law highlights strengths and weaknesses of the current regulatory regime governing military uses of outer space. Amended and Annotated Criminal Procedure Law of the People’s Republic of China with Official Interpretations, Second Edition is the 16th volume of the Chinese Law Series and a one-stop shop for Chinese criminal procedure law as well as judicial and administrative interpretations.

Spinelli’s Oral Histories

Two new videos from Spinelli’s Oral History of Law Librarianship are now available, featuring Teresa Miguel Stearns of Yale University’s Lillian Goldman Law Library and Michael Whitman, associate dean for library services and information technology and professor of law of Northern Kentucky University.

Upcoming Meetings

HeinOnline’s Steve Roses will be attending the Electronic Resources & Libraries meeting with Tim Hooge in Austin, TX, from March 4-7. Steve Roses will also be attending the Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium Vendor Day in Los Angeles, CA, on March 8, as well as the Northern California Association of Law Libraries meeting in Sacramento, CA, on March 16. Dick Spinelli will be attending the Southern California Association of Law Libraries meeting in Riverside, CA, from March 23-24. Be sure to stop by and visit the Hein booth!

Lend Hein a Hand

An updated list of missing titles in HeinOnline is now available. If your library is in possession of this type of material and is willing to donate to us for digitization, please contact Chris Czopp at 716-882-2600. Please note: we would prefer to be able to unbind the material for scanning and would provide electronic copies (PDFs) and/or credit in return.

Title & Publication Changes

A comprehensive list of all recent title and publication changes is now available.

Please continue reading this month’s newsletter by browsing the table of contents to read in-depth descriptions of all the content and features which have been released this month.


Benjamin Boron
HeinOnline Marketing Department