March 2018 Newsletter – New Print Publications

March 2018 Newsletter

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  • Updated Databases: 52
  • New titles: 2,370
  • New volumes: 2,983
  • New pages: 829,079
  • Total Pages: 155,774,519

Monograph Series V: Conflicts in Space and the Rule of Law

  • Addresses issues related to state-of-the-art military and securities technologies and activities
  • Includes papers written by renowned academics and subject-matter experts
  • Includes thought-provoking dialogues on the achievement of sustainable uses of outer space for peaceful purposes
  • Highlights strengths and weaknesses of the current regulatory regime governing military uses of outer space

About This Title

This manuscript contains papers presented at the 4th Manfred Lachs International Conference on Conflicts in Space and the Rule of Law. These carefully selected documents address issues related to state-of-the-art military and security technologies and activities, the development of military policies and doctrines, space security, exploitation of space natural resources, space sustainability, and the peaceful use of outer space for the benefit of all. Perhaps most importantly, this book addresses adequacies and inadequacies of current rules of international space law, public international law, and international humanitarian law with respect to conflict avoidance in outer space.


About the Authors

The authors of the papers included in this book were carefully selected from the 43 presentations made the 4th Manfred Lachs International Conference on Conflicts in Space and the Rule of Law. These authors are renowned academics and subject-matter experts.


Amended and Annotated Criminal Procedure Law of the People’s Republic of China with Official Interpretations, Second Edition

  • One-of-a-kind resource for Chinese law interpretations
  • One-stop shop for Chinese criminal procedure law as well as judicial and administrative interpretations
  • New edition updated and provides translations for substantial legal changes

About This Title

On March 14, 2012, the National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China substantially amended the country’s 1979 Criminal Procedure Law. The Law was first extensively revised in 1996; this second revision also affects a large number of articles, and expands the law from 225 to 290 articles. Following the new amendment, the supreme court of China also amended its judicial interpretation of the law. The second edition of this book provides new English translations to the amended Criminal Procedure Law and all the related Chinese official judicial and administrative interpretations. The second edition also includes an in-depth introduction which briefly surveys the legislative history and intent of Chinese criminal procedure law, discusses how the Criminal Procedure Law is interpreted and supplemented in China, and shows how to update and find relevant judicial interpretations. The author has also included subtitles to every article, article-by-article annotations, and English-Chinese and Chinese-English glossaries for Chinese criminal procedure law.


About the Author

Wei Luo is the Director of Technical Services and Lecturer in Law at the Washington University School of Law Library. He oversees the operations of the Technical Services Division of the Law Library, teaches legal research, and provides reference services. He earned a J.D. Degree from the Law School of Lewis and Clark College and a Masters of Library and Information Science Degree with a Certificate in Law Librarianship from the University of Washington. Between 1984 and 1987, he was an instructor at Xiamen University School of Law in Xiamen, P.R.C., teaching International Trade Law and International Commercial Law, and served as a legal counsel to several foreign and Chinese joint ventures. In addition to his library and teaching duties, he has published several books on Chinese law, both in English and Chinese, such as Chinese Law and Legal Research published by Hein in 2005 and Proposed Legal Citation System, 2nd ed. published by Peking University Press in 2013. He was the recipient of 2014 Thomas H. Reynolds and Arturo A. Flores FCIL-SIS Publications Award and the winner of the New Member Division of the American Association of Law Libraries Call-for-Papers Competition in 1996.