Multinational Sources Compared: A Subject and Jurisdiction Index

Multinational Sources Compared:
A Subject and Jurisdiction Index

Multinational Sources Compared: A Subject and Jurisdiction Index by Alena L. Wolotira & Sherry L. Leysen is a finding aid designed to direct researchers to sources that compare multiple jurisdictions on focused subjects. These print and electronic sources contain full-text legislation, statutory citation, or other references to primary law.

This title is based on Professor Jon Schultzs’ Statutes Compared: A U.S., Canadian, Multinational Research Guide to Statutes by Subject (2nd ed. 2001) and Multinational Statutes Compared: A Research Guide to Statutes (2003). These publications gave extensive reviews of each selected source to give the researcher an idea of what the resource contained before trying to obtain it.

A lot has changed in legal publishing in the intervening years, and the authors quickly realized that they would have to change their approach to a more feasible and realistic strategy for this title. Many works referenced in the original titles have since changed titles, scope, authors, and publishers and the authors found it difficult to obtain physical copies of many of these resources. Wolotira and Leysen, have, therefore, changed the scope of their review, and the content included. This also necessitated a title change, rather than a subsequent edition to Professor Schultzs’ prior work, to better reflect the new content.

“I find it hard to imagine that anyone else has had occasion to physically examine the entire treatise collection of so many of the great law libraries in some detail. At the very least, I did something that nobody else has done.”Jon S. Schultz


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Multinational Sources Compared: A Subject and Jurisdiction Index
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Published: Getzville; William S. Hein & Co., Inc.; 2017


Multinational Sources Compared: A Subject Index and Jurisdiction Online

Multinational Sources Compared: A Subject and Jurisdiction Index online is a stand-alone, fully searchable database in HeinOnline. Not only will researchers be able to quickly search by content fields – including the highly useful jurisdiction and subject fields – but the material will be updated regularly online, between new print editions. The database allows the authors to more easily add new resources, update jurisdictions, and add or modify subjects as the law progresses.

Easily browse the database by Title, Publisher, Subject, Jurisdiction, and Print Editions.

What’s Found in Multinational Sources Compared: A Subject and Jurisdiction Index

Product Offering Reviews

The authors consulted English-language legal information publishers and sifted through their product offerings.

These publishers include:

  • ABA
  • ALI
  • Bloomberg BNA
  • Cambridge University Press
  • Cameron May
  • Edward Elgar
  • Gale/Cengage
  • Global Legal Group
  • Hart
  • Juris Publishing
  • Law Business Research
  • Lexis/Matthew Bender/Elsevier/Butterworth-Heinemann
  • Oxford University Press
  • Sage
  • Thomson Reuters/Sweet & Maxwell/Oceana/Clark Boardman Callaghan/Practising Law Institute
  • Wiley
  • Wolters Kluwer/Apsen/CCH

The scope in Multinational Sources Compared is expanded to different types of resources and formats but excluded treatises discussing only one or two jurisdictions as these are easy to find in a library catalog/on the Internet by searching for the country and the subject.

Jurisdiction Indexes

Entries from the previous title included the resource’s title, publisher information, and a description. To enhance the usefulness and function of this resource, the authors expanded the entries to include additional data points, most notably jurisdictions covered. The coverage here is comprehensive. The authors checked tables of contents and publishers’ descriptions, and also reviewed titles that were in print to compile each resource’s jurisdiction list.

Expanded Subject List

The subject list has been greatly expanded, creating an entirely new list of subjects. While Professor Schultz’s subject list included approximately 138 primary subject headings, Multinational Sources Compared includes 280. Each resource is cross-referenced to the subject headings where applicable.

New subjects include:

  • Animal Law
  • Asylum
  • Charities
  • Chemicals
  • Class Action
  • Corporation Immigration
  • Data Protection
  • Evidence
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Human Rights
  • Patent Litigation
  • Religion
  • Securities Litigation
  • Social Media
  • Terrorism