National Survey of State Laws

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The Hein Company is proud to publish the new 7th edition to the National Survey of State Laws. This new edition covers the dramatic changes that have happened in many areas of law since 2008. This indispensable reference work provides an overall view of some of the most-asked about and controversial legal topics in the United States: abortion, the right to die, gun control, prayer in public schools, marijuana, marriage, personal income tax, drunk driving, capital punishment, right to work, lemon law, leases and other agreements, child custody, legal ages, and many other areas.

“The time a product like this saves is potentially huge—having to do something like this on your own would quickly prove both tedious and expensive. At typical paralegal billing rates, saving three or four hours of research time would pay for the title. It is hard to imagine a resource that provides more bang for the buck. -David Matchen, AALL Spectrum Blog

Learn More About the Most Sought-After and Controversial Legal Topics in the United States

For the first time ever, the National Survey of State Laws will be available in an online database format! This database is derived from Rich Leiter’s National Survey of State Laws print editions.

The topics of NSSL fall into eight general legal categories:

  • Business and Consumer Laws
  • Criminal Laws
  • Education Laws
  • Employment Laws
  • Family Laws
  • General Civil Laws
  • Real Estate Laws
  • Tax Laws

Within each section, topics are arranged alphabetically  and presented in their own subsections. Each section begins with a general overview followed by a table that briefly summarizes each state’s statutes on particular aspects of the law. References to the statute or code section covering that law are also presented, enabling users who are interested in reading the original text to easily find it. The appendix, Statutory Compilations Used in This Book, provides  the abbreviations and full names of each state code.

Browse Eight Major Legal Categories in a Digital Format for the First Time Ever!

By following the print edition’s convenient chart format, database users are able to make basic state-by-state comparisons of current state laws. The just released 7th edition as well as the 6th and 5th editions are included in database format while all other print editions are included in the online collection fully searchable and browseable in HeinOnline’s familiar image-based PDF format. The NSSL database will be updated biannually as new laws are passed or updated.

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1 Print Copy & Online Access for 1 Location………….$225.00

1 Print Copy & Online Access for Multiple Locations…$295.00

Additional Print Copies……………………………..$85.00

“The National Survey of State Laws fills in a critical information gap. With only a few keystrokes, users can compare controversial state laws from all 50 states, or search back in time to see how the language has changed since 2004.” -Kristopher Turner, Univ. of Wisconsin

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For more information about the NSSL Database and its features, please view the Quick Reference Guide or watch our NSSL Training Video.

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