Year in Review: An Annual Survey of International Legal Developments and Publications of the ABA/Section of International Law

Publisher: American Bar Association
Publication Website:
Coverage: 2012-2017

Indexing: 2012-2018; Previously included as an issue of The International Lawyer
ISSN: 2637-9759
Frequency: 1
Additional Information: The Year in Review, as its name suggests, is an annual survey of the law from around the world. On average, thirty to forty Committees of the ABA/SIL contribute to the publication and capture the germane legal developments, key pieces of legislation, and landmark decisions that help to shape the legal tapestry of their respective countries and areas of interest. Catering to the ABA/SIL membership and others, The YIR shares in the same readership as TIL, and is the most widely distributed U.S. international law survey in the world, enjoying subscriptions of approximately 22,000 readers in more than 90 countries. Submissions are made annually by Committee Editors on behalf of their respective ABA/SIL Committees.

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