United States Supreme Court Judicial Cases

Case of the State Freight Tax (1873)
United States, Lyon et al. v. Huckabee (1873)
Police Jury v. Britton (1873)
Horn v. Lockhart et al. (1873)
Boyce v. Tabe (1873)
Adams v. Burke (1873)
Railroad Company v. Brown (1873)
Cornett v. Williams (1874)
Ex parte Lange (1874)
Bartemeyer v. Iowa (1874)
Confiscation Cases, The (1874)
Slaughter-House Cases (1873)
Gunn v. Barry (1873)
Wood-Paper Patent, The (1874)
Washing-Machine Company v. Tool Company (1874)
Jerome v. McCarter (1874)
Williams et al. v. Bankhead (1874)
Scholey v. Rew (1875)
Dupasseur v. Rochereau (1875)
Sanger v. Upton, Assignee (1875)
Hatcraft v. United States (1875)
Semmes v. United States (1875)
Texas v. Chiles (1875)
Murdock v. City of Memphis (1875)
Collar Company v. Van Dusen (1875)
Crosby v. Buchanan (1875)
City of Washington, The (1876)
United States v. Cruikshank et al. (1876)
Hall v. United States - United States v. Roach (1876)
Lloyd et al. v. Fulton (1876)
Galatea, The (1876)
Morsell et al. v. First National Bank (1876)
United States v. Reese et al. (1876)
Mitchell v. Moore (1877)
Davis v. Crouch (1877)
Tate v. Norton (1877)
Gold-Mining Company v. National Bank (1878)
Hall v. DeCuir (1878)
Kesner v. Trigg (1878)
United States v. Simmons (1878)
Ex parte Jackson (1878)
Railroad Company v. Schutte (1879)
Railroad Company v. Grant (1879)
United States v. New Orleans (1879)
Blake v. Hawkins (1879)
Slaughter v. Glenn (1879)
Reynolds v. United States (1879)
Fairfield v. County of Gallatin (1879)
United States v. Hirsch (1879)
Virginia v. Rives (1880)
Watt v. Starke (1880)
United States v. Perryman (1880)
Dow v. Johnson (1880)
Worthington v. Mason (1880)
Missouri v. Lewis (1880)
Meeks v. Olpherts (1880)
Ex parte Clarke (1880)
Ex parte Siebold (1880)
Ex parte Virginia (1880)
Ex Parte. In the Matter of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, one of the United States of America, by Beriad Magoffin, Governor, and the Executive Authority thereof Petitioner, v. William Dennison, Governor and Executive Authority of the State of Ohio (1861)
Myra Clark Gaines, Appellant, v. Duncan N. Hennen (1861)
Powhatan Steamboat Company, Plaintiffs in Error, v. the Appomattox Railroad Company, The (1861)
Miguel Davila, Plaintiff in Error, v. David Mumford and Jesse Mumford (1861)
Susan Vighl, Plaintiff in Error, v. Henry Naylor, administrator of George Naylor, deceased (1861)
James Nations and Joseph Nations, Plaintiffs in Error, v. Nancy Ann Johnson and James Johnson (1861)
Ex Parte Gordon (1862)
Slavers (Sarah), The (1865)
Slavers (Kate), The (1865)
Humiston v. Stainthorp (1865)
Fossat or Quicksilver Mine Case, The (1864)
Gelpeke et al. v. The City of Dubuque (1864)
Mercer County v. Hacket (1864)
De Krafft vs. Barney (1863)
United States v. Dashiel (1866)
Mrs. Alexander's Cotton (1865)
Slavers (Reindehr), The (1865)
Slavers (Weathergage), The (1865)
Gray Jacket, The (1867)
United States v. Repentigny (1867)
United States v. Weed et al. (1867)
Springbok, The (1867)
Andrews v. Hensler (1867)
United States v. Hathaway (1867)
Ex parte Garland (1867)
Gaines v. De la Croix (1868)
Gaines v. New Orleans (1868)
Ex parte McCardle (1868)
Millingar v. Hartupee (1868)
State of Georgia v. Stanton (1868)
Crandall v. State of Nevada (1868)
Ex parte Milligan (1867)
Randall v. Brigham (1869)
Veazie Bank v. Fenno (1869)
Mulligan v. Corbins (1869)
Patterson v. De la Ronde (1869)
Siren, The (1869)
Nailor v. Williams (1869)
China, The (1869)
Walker v. Walker's Executor (1870)
Georgia, The (1869)
Texas v. White et al. (1869)
Maguire v. Tyler (1869)
United States v. Padelford (1870)
Fairbanks, The (1870)
Schools v. Risley, The (1870)
Boylan v. United States (1870)
Generes v. Campbell (1871)
Handlin v. Wickliffe (1871)
United States v. Tynen (1871)
Siren, The (1871)
Thorp v. Hammond (1871)
Cooley v. O'Connor (1871)
Edmondson v. Bloomshire (1871)
Garnett v. United States (1871)
Steines v. Franklin County (1872)
Sevier v. Haskell (1872)
Palmer v. Marston (1872)
Virginia v. West Virginia (1871)
Stockwell v. United States (1871)
Continental, The (1872)
United States v. Avery (1872)
Insurance Company v. Wilkinson (1872)
Caperton v. Bowyer (1872)
Armstrong v. United States (1872)
Scotia, The (1872)
United States v. Klein (1872)
Bouldon v. Alexander (1872)
Watson v. Jones (1872)
Ex parte Russell (1872)
Osborn v. Nicholson et al. (1872)
White v. Hart (1872)
Blyew et al. v. United States (1872)
Delmas v. Insurance Company (1872)
Delaware, The (1872)
Clinton et al. v. Englebrecht (1872)
Davenport v. Lamb et al. (1872)
Tarble's Case (1872)
Walker v. Whitehead (1873)
Mahan v. United States (1873)
Bradwell v. The State (1873)
Hume v. Beale's Executrix (1873)
Tyler v. Magwire (1873)
Ann Buyck, Widow of Don Augustin Buyck, Deceased, and the Unknown Heirs of Said Buyck, Appellants, v. the United States, Appellees (1841)
United States, Appellants, v. The Heirs of John Forbes, Appellees, The (1841)
Barnett and Eliza Levy, Plaintiffs in Error, v. Edmund and David Fitzpatrick, Defendants in Error (1841)
John Gordon, Plaintiff in error, v. James Longest, Defendant in error (1842)
Stephen Cooke, for the Use of the Commercial Bank of Columbus, Mississippi, Plaintiff in error, v. Joseph A. Halsey and others, Defendants in error (1842)
United States, Appellants, v. The Libellants and Claimants of the Schooner Amistad, her Tackle, Apparel, and Furniture, together with her Cargo, and the Africans mentioned and described in the Several Libels and Claims, Appellees, The (1841)
Moses Groves and James Graham, Plaintiffs in error, v. Robert Slaughter, Defendant in error - John W. Brown, Moses Groves, R. M. Roberts, and James Graham, Plaintiffs in error, v. Robert Slaughter, Defendant in error (1841)
United States, Appellants, v. Joseph Delespine, Appellee, The (1841)
Oliver O'Hara and others, Appellants, v. The United States, Appellees (1841)
William Kinney and James J. Mechie, Executors and Trustees of Robert Porterfield, deceased, v. Meriwether L. Clark, William P. Clark, George R. H. Clark, and Jefferson R. Clark, a minor by the aforesaid George R. H. Clark his Guardian, heirs and devisees (1844)
John McCollum, Plaintiff in error, v. Jenison Eager (1844)
William Taylor and others, Appellants, v. George M. Savage, executor of Samuel Savage, deceased, Defendant (1843)
Lessee of Sarah I. Jewell and others, Plaintiffs in error, v. Benjamin Jewell and others, Defendants (1843)
President, Directors, and Company of the Bank of the United States, and the United States, v. James B. Beverly and Jane his wife, William Ramsay and Elizabeth his wife, Hamilton and James Peter, heirs of David Peter, deceased, and George Peter, surviving (1843)
George W. Hammond, Administrator de Bonis Non of Thomas Hammond, deceased, and others, Appelants, v. Lorenzo Lewis, Executor of Lawrence Lewis, deceased, who was the Acting Executor of Gen. George Washington, Appellee (1843)
Edward Prigg, Plaintiff in error, v. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Defendant in error (1842)
Charlotte A. Parish, Appellant, v. Harvey W. Ellis and Wife, Appellees (1842)
Robert Milnor, John Thompson, David Petrikin, and Levi Woodbury, Secretary of the Treasury, Complainants and Appellants, v. George W. Metz, Appellee (1842)
William H. Williams, Plaintiff in error, v. James Ash, Defendant in error (1842)
Llewellyn Price, Jun., for the use of Daniel W. Gaulley, Plaintiff in Error, v. Martha A. Sessions (1845)
Bernard Permoli, Plaintiff in Error, v. Municipality No. 1 or the City of New Orleans, Defendant in Error (1845)
Francis C. Black and James Chapman, Plaintiffs in Error, v. J. W. Zacharie &(and) Co., Defendants (1845)
John Lake and Sarah C. Lake, Wife of the said John, and Elizabeth Irion, an infant under twenty-one years, who sues by John Lane, her next friend, Complainants and Appellants, v. John W. Vick, Sargeant S. Prentiss et al., Defendants (1845)
John Pollard et al., Lessee, Plaintiff in Error, v. John Hagan et al., Defendants in Error (1845)
Edmund P. Gaines and Wife v. Beverly Chew, Richard Relf, and others (1844)
Louisville, Cincinnati, and Charleston Rail-road Company, Plaintiffs in error, v. Thomas W. Letson, Defendant (1844)
James Rhodes, Plaintiff in error, v. Moses Bell (1844)
Peter Harmony and others, Claimants of the Brig Malek Adhel, v. The United States - The United States v. The Cargo of the Brig Malek Adhel (1844)
John Knox, James Boggs, and James A. Knox, trading under the firm of Knox, Boggs, & Co., Appellants, v. Petton Smith and others Defendants (1846)
John McDonogh, Plaintiff in Error, v. Laurent Millaudon and others, Defendants (1845)
Lessee of George Clymer et al., Plaintiff in Error, v. George Dawkins et al., Defendants in Error (1845)
Samuel Thurlow, Plaintiff in Error, v. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Joel Fletcher, Plaintiff in Error, v. the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations Andrew Peirce, Jr. and Thomas W. Peirce, Plaintiffs in Error, (1847)
Nathaniel S. Waring and Peter Dalman, owners of the Steamboat De Soto, her tackle, apparel, and furniture, Appellants, v. Thomas Clarke, late Master of the Steamboat Luda, and agent of P. T. Marionoux and T. J. Abel, owners of said Steamboat Luda, her t (1847)
William G. Cook, Plaintiff in Error, v. John L. Moffat and Joseph Curtis, Defendants in Error (1847)
William Taylor, George Taylor, William Primrose, and Eliza, his Wife, George Porter, and Elspet, his Wife, William Rainey, Alexander Rainey, and Elizabeth Rainey, Complainants and Appellants, v. Vincent M. Benham, Administrator de bonis non, with the Will (1847)
Wharton Jones, Plaintiff, v. John Van Zandt (1847)
Albert G. Creath's Administrator, Complainant and Appellant, v. William D. Sims (1847)
Christopher Ford, Appellant, v. Archibald Douglas, Maxwell W. Bland, and Emeline, his Wife, Appellees (1847)
Bennet R. Truly, Complainant and Appellant, v. Moses Wanzer, Jarez Harrison, and John Nicholson (1847)
John A. Rowan and John L. Harris, Copartners in Trade under the Name and Style of Rowan and Harris, Plaintiffs in Error, v. Hiram G. Runnels, Defendant in Error (1847)
Henry Miller, Administrator of George Miller, Deceased, Plaintiff in Error, v. Betsey Herbert and Caroline Herbert, Defendants in Error (1847)
United States, Appellant, v. Joseph Lawton, Executor of Charles Lawton, Martha Pollard, Hannah Maria Kershaw, Wife of James Kershaw, et al. (1847)
James Brown, Plaintiff in Error, v. John Clarke, Defendant (1846)
United States, Plaintiffs, v. William S. Rogers, The (1846)
Antoine Michoud, Joseph Marie Girod, Gabriel Montamat, Felix Grima, Jean B. Dejan, aine, Denis Prieur, Charles Claiborne, Mandeville Marigny, Madam E. Grima, Widow Sabatier, A. Fournier, E. Mazureau, E. Rivolet, Claude Gurlie, The Mayor of the City of New (1846)
Isabella L. Mackay, Executrix of James Mackay, Zeno Mackay, George Anthony Mackay, James Bennett Mackay, Reuben-Coleman and Eliza Lucy, his Wife, William Coleman and Amelia Ann, his Wife, Louis Guyon and Mary Catherine, his Wife, David Bowles and Julia Ja (1846)
George W. Phillips, Plaintiff in Error, v. John S. Preston, Defendant in Error (1846)
Charles Patterson, Appellant, v. Edmund P. Gaines and Wife (1848)
Richard Bein and Mary, his Wife, Appellants, v. Mary Heath (1848)
Samuel L. Forgay and Eliza Ann Fogarty, Wife of E. W. Wells, Appellants, v. Francis B. Conrad, Assignee in Bankruptcy of Thomas Banks (1848)
Nelson F. Shelton, Appellant, v. Clayton Tiffin and Lilburn P. Perry (1848)
Benjamin G. Sims, Plaintiff in Error, v. Thomas Hundley (1847)
Mr. Chief Justice Taney (1847)
Joel Fletcher, Plaintiff in Error, v. The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, Defendant in Error (1847)
Martin Luther, Plaintiff in Error, v. Luther M. Borden et al., Defendants in Error/Rachel Luther, Complainant, v. Luther M. Borden et al. Defendants (1849)
W. and H. Massingill, Plaintiffs, v. A. C. Downs, Claimant (1849)
William Hardeman and Henry R. W. Hill, Complainants, v. Benjamin D. Harris (1849)
Benjamin D. Harris, Plaintiff in Error, v. James D. Wall (1849)
William and Francis Sadler, Complainants, v. Thomas B. Hoover, Sylvanus Chambers, and Samuel H. Dinkins, Partners by the Style of Thomas B. Hoover and Company (1849)
John L. Shawhan, Daniel Shawhan, George H. Perrin, Benjamin Berry, Catharine Snodgrass, and Isaac Miller, Appellants, v. Perry Wherritt, Assignee of the Bankrupt Estate of Benjamin Brandon (1849)
George Smith, Plaintiff in Error, v. William Turner, Health-Commissioner of the Port of New York James Norris, Plaintiff in Error, v. The City of Boston (1849)
Bridget McLaughlin, Appellant, v. The Bank of Potomac and others (1849)
James Erwin, Plaintiff in Error, v. Alfred J. Lowry, Curator of Alexander McNeill, Deceased (1849)
Edward P. Fourniquet and Harriet Jane Fourniquet, his Wife, Appellants, v. John Perkins (1849)
John H. Bennett, Plaintiff in Error, v. Samuel F. Butterworth (1850)
Alfred C. Downs, Plaintiff in error, v. Joseph Kissan (1850)
Thomas Townsend, Plaintiff in error, v. Robert Jenison, Jr. (1850)
Samuel Davis, Plaintiff in error, v. The Police Jury of the Parish of Concordia (1850)
Ann Brabston, Plaintiff in error, v. Tobias Gibson (1850)
Charlotte Taylor, by James M. Walker, her next Friend, Appellant, v. James Taylor, Julia Scarborough, Godfrey Barnsley and Julia, his Wife, Joseph Scarborough and William Scarborough, Robert M. Goodwin, Norman Wallace, and Andrew T. Miller (1850)
Robert M. Withers, Plaintiff in error, v. William B. Greene, Administrator of Richard May, deceased (1850)
Thomas H. McClanahan, Administrator of William J. McClanahan, deceased, Complainant and Appellant, v. Richard Davis, William D. Nutt, Administrator of George Coleman, deceased, Elizabeth Blacklock, the Widow and Relict of Nicholas F. Blacklock, deceased, (1850)
William Neves and James C. Neves, Appellants, v. William F. Scott and Richard Rowell (1850)
United States, Appellants, v. Etienne Alphnoso Boisdore, Laurent Boisdore, Sidney Boisdore, Mathilde and Alerine Nicholas, Widow of Manuel Farre Danony, Caroline Nicholas, Elise Nicholas, Joseph Manuel de Labarre, Delphine Victoire de Labarre Real and her (1851)
Joseph J. Kennedy, Trustee of Henry Shultz, and Insolvent Debtor, and for the Creditors of the said Henry Shultz, and Henry Shultz, Appellants, v. The Bank of the State of Georgia, the City Council of Augusta, John McKinne, and Gazaway B. Lanar (1850)
John West, Appellant, v. Joseph Smith and Ellen, his Wife (1850)
Alexander Crawford, Appellant, v. James Points, Assignee in Bankruptcy of Henry Hottle (1851)
Jacob Strader, James Gorman, and John Armstrong, Plaintiffs in error, v. Christopher Graham (1851)
Joseph P. Thredgill, Administrator of Archibald Goodloe, deceased, Appellant, v. John M. Pintard (1851)
John L. Harris, surviving partner of Rowan and Harris, v. Hiram G. Runnels (1851)
President, Directors, and Company of the Farmers' Bank of Virginia, Appellants, v. Horace H. Groves, Administrator of Moses Groves, Deceased, The (1851)
Penelope McGill, Plaintiff in error, v. Josephine H. Armour (1851)
John H. Bennett, Plaintiff in error, v. Samuel F. Butterworth (1851)
United States, Appellants, v. The Mayor, Aldermen, and Inhabitants of the Cities of Philadelphia and New Orleans, The (1851)
David Randon, Plaintiff in error, v. Thomas Toby (1851)
Frederic D. Conrad, Plaintiff in error, v. David Griffey (1851)
Jesse B. Clements, Plaintiff in error, v. Daniel Berry (1851)
Absalom Fowler and Noah H. Badgett, Appellants, v. Ayers P. Merrill (1851)
John Den, Lessee of Polly Weatherhead, Plaintiff in error, v. John Baskerville, John White, John Parker, Peter Haynes, William Stewart, Nancy Stewart, Nelson B. Turner, Jacob Gallaspie, Peter Bryson, Benjamin Parrish, William Johnson, Reuben D. Brown, Tho (1851)
Richard C. Stockton, Appellant, v. James C. Ford (1851)
Hugh Maxwell, Plaintiff in error, v. Nathaniel L. Griswold, George Griswold, George W. Gray, and George Griswold, Junior (1851)
Samuel Sample, Israel W. Pickins, and Burwell Scott, Appellants, v. Shadrach Barnes (1852)
John Hagan, surviving Partner of the late firm of John Hagan and Co., Appellant, v. Leroy P. Walker, Administrator of William H. Pope, deceased, and Frances Ann Pope, Widow and Guardian ad litem of William Pope and Julia Ann Pope, minor children of said W (1852)
Morgan McAfee, Madison McAfee, and James Alford, Plaintiffs in error, v. James T. Crofford (1852)
John Norris, Plaintiff, v. Edwin B. Crocker and Elisha Eghert (1852)
Phineas O. Nabby, Jabez and Benjamin B. Sargeant, heirs of Samuel Sargeant, Plaintiffs in error, v. The State Bank of Indiana (1852)
John H. Bennett and E. P. Hunt, Administrators of John D. Amis, deceased, Appellants, v. Samuel F. Butterworth, and Mary Emily, his wife (1852)
New Orleans Canal and Banking Company, Appellants, v. Josiah S. Stafford and Jenanetta Kireland, his Wife (1852)
Union Bank of Louisiana, Complainants and Appellants, v. Joseph S. Stafford and Jeannetta Kirkland, his wife, Defendants (1852)
Alexander H. Weems, Plaintiff in Error, v. Ann George Conelly George, Rose Ann George, wife of John Steen, Mary Ann George, wife of Thomas Conn, Nancy George, wife of James Gilmour, Margaret George, wife of William Miller, John Steen, Thomas Conn, James G (1852)
Andrew Erwin, Appellant, v. William S. Parham, James Dick, and Henry R. W. Hill (1852)
Smith Hogan, Arthur S. Hogan, and Reuben Y. Reynolds, Plaintiffs in error, v. Aaron Ross, who sues for the use of Robert Patterson (1852)
Henry Parish, Daniel Parish, Leroy M. Wiley, John R. Marshall, Thomas P. Morris, and Thomas Parish, merchants and partners trading under the firm and style of Parish and Co., Appellants, v. Caleb Murphree, Administrator of George Goffe, deceased; Louisa C (1852)
Greenberry Dorsey, Complainant and Appellant, v. Samuel Packwood (1852)
Robert R. Barrow, Plaintiff in error, v. Nathaniel B. Hill (1852)
John G. Goesele and Others, Appellants, v. Joseph M. Bimeler and Others (1853)
John F. Ennis, Administrator de bonis non of Joseph Zolkowski and others, v. J. H. B. Smith, Administrator of George Bomford, Lewis Johnson, Administrator de bonis non of Thaddeus Kosoiusko, James Carrico, Samuel Stott, George C. Bomford, Jacob Gideon, Ul (1853)
Benjamin D. Harris, Plaintiff in error, v. William Hardeman, Henry R. W. Hill, Cotesworth P. Smith, and Henry A. Moore (1853)
John Perkins, Appellant, v. Edward P. Fourniquet and Harriet, his wife, and Martin Ewing and Anne, his wife (1853)
Philip H. De Lane, John M. Chiles, Martha Chiles, John E. Lykes, and Grace A. Lykes, Appellants, v. Andrew B. Moore, and James L. Goree, Executors of James L. Goree, deceased (1853)
James W. Downey, Executor of Samuel S. Downey, deceased, Plaintiff in error, v. Mary M. Hicks, Executrix of Joseph T. Hicks, deceased (1853)
Thomas Moore, Executor of Richard Eels, Plaintiff in Error, v. The People of the State of Illinois (1852)
Myra Clark Gaines, Appellant, v. Richard Relf, and Beverly Chew, Executors of Daniel Clark and others (1852)
In the Matter of Josiah S. Stafford and Jeannette Kirkland, his Wife, Appellants, v. The Union Bank of Louisiana (1854)
Joseph K. Eyre and Algernon E. Ashburner, Executors of Elizabeth E. Potter, deceased v. Samuel R. Potter and Mauger London (1854)
Frederic D. Conrad, Plaintiff in error, v. David Griffey (1854)
John C. Yerger, Appellant, v. William H. Jones, and Robert S. Brandon, Executors of William Brandon, deceased (1854)
United States, Appellants, v. Jean Baptiste D'Auterieve, Ponponne Le Blanc and Others, Heirs and Legal Represenatives of Jean Antoine Bernard D' Austerieve, deceased, The (1854)
John Doe, on the demise of Lot Clark, David Clarkson, Joseph D. Beers, Andrew Talcott, Brantz Mayer, and Harriet Hackley, Plaintiff in error, v. Joseph Addison Braden (1854)
Daniel R. Southard, Samuel D. Tompkins, William L. Thompson, Matilda Burks, Joseph R. Tunstall, John Burks, James Burks, Samuel Burks, Charles Burks, and Mary Burks (the four last named by William L. Thompson, their next friend,) v. Gilbert C. Russell (1854)
Henrietta Amis, Executrix, and William Perkins, Executor of Junius Amis, Deceased, Appellants, v. David Myers (1854)
United States, Plaintiffs, v. James L. Dawson, and John R. Baylor, The (1854)
Steamboat New World, Edward Minturn, William Menzie, and William H. Webb, Claimants and Appellants, v. Frederick G. King, The (1854)
Executors of John McDonogh, deceased, and others, v. Mary Murdoch and others, Heirs of John McDonogh, deceased, The (1854)
William A. Smith and others, v. Leroa Swormstedt and others (1854)
Jane M. Carroll, Plaintiff in error, v. Lessee of George W. Carroll, De Rosz Carroll, Robert D. Carroll, Charles W. Carroll, John M. Martin and America his Wife, and John Ford and Mary his Wife (1854)
Alexander Cross, William L. Hobson, and William Hooper, trading under the name and style of Cross, Hobson and Company, Plaintiffs in error, v. Edward H. Harrison (1854)
Charles Davenport et al., Heirs of John Davenport, deceased, v. F. Fletcher et al. (1854)
Moses Wanzer and Jabez Harrison, Appellants, v. Bennett R. and J. H. Truly (1855)
Zachary Pulliam, Executor of Amos Albritton, Plaintiff in Error, v. Alexander Osborne, Administrator of Samuel Woodward (1855)
Edward Herndon, Appellant, v. James C. Ridgway, Eri Ridgway, William H. Gasque, and Henry Davis (1855)
William Fontain, Administrator de bonis non cum testa mento annexo of Frederick Kohne, deceased, Appellant, v. William Ravenel (1855)
Morgan B. Hinkle, in his own right, and as Administrator de bonis non of John Fisher, deceased, Complainant and Appellant, v. Moses Wanzer, James F. Johnson, and John S. Hunter (1855)
In the matter of Josiah S. Stafford and Jeannette Kirkland, his Wife, Appellants, v. The Union Bank of Louisiana (1855)
John Henshaw, Plaintiff, v. John R. Miller, Executor of Charles E. Miller, deceased (1855)
William B. Shields and others, Appellants, v. Robert R. Barrow (1855)
Joshua R. Standford, Plaintiff in Error, v. Clay Taylor (1856)
John G. Shields, Appellant, v. Isaac Thomas, and Mary, his Wife, Nancy Pirtle, John B. Goldsbury, Thomas Starks, and Elizabeth, his Wife, and James Pickett, and Ann, his Wife (1856)
James A. Abbott and Hannah K., his Wife, Demandants and Plaintiffs in Error, v. The Essex Company, Tenants (1856)
Richard H. Sessions, Daniel H. Sessions, and Sandford C. Faulkner, Appellants, v. John M. Pintard (1856)
Elizabeth J. Barnard, Mary A. Barnard, Corrine Barnard, William S. Barnard, and Thomas Barnard, infant Children and sole Heirs of Thomas Barnard, deceased, by William Cannon, their Guardian and next Friend, Complainants and Appellants, v. Mary W. W. Ashle (1856)
Michigan Central Railroad Company, Plaintiffs in Error, v. The Michigan Southern Railroad Company et al. (1857)
Margaret McRea and Bracy McRea, Administrators of John D. Bracy, Appellants, v. The Branch of the Bank of the State of Alabama at Mobile (1857)
Archibald Babcock, Appellant, v. Edward Wyman (1857)
Pierre Felix Coiron and Marie J. T. Coiron, a Minor, by her next friend, Pierre Felix Coiron, Appellants, v. Laurent Millaudon, Edward Shiff, Syndics, etc., of Alexander Lesseps, et al. (1857)
In the Matter of The United States v. Sherman M. Booth (1856)
Richard C. Stockton, Appellant, v. James C. Ford (1856)
Dred Scott, Plaintiff in Error, v. John F. A. Sandford (1856)
Lathrop L. Sturgis, Plantiff in Error, v. Christian Honold (1856)
John McGavock, Plaintiff in Error, v. Peter W. Woodlief (1858)
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Plaintiff in Error, v. William Ravenel, Executor of Eliza Kohne, deceased (1858)
James L. and Samuel L. Taylor, Administrators of Robert Taylor, deceased, Plaintiffs in Error, v. Nathan T. Carryl, who survived William J. Ward (1857)
Lloyd N. Rogers, Administrator of Eliza Park Custis, Edmund L. Rogers, in his own right, and as Administrator of Eliza L. Rogers and Eleanor A. Rogers, Appellants, v. Joseph E. Law, by Mary Robinson, his next friend (1859)
Stephen V. R. Ableman, Plaintiff in Error, v. Sherman M. Booth; and The United States, Plaintiff in Error, v. Sherman M. Booth (1859)
Western Telegraph Company, Appellants, v. The Magnetic Telegraph Company and Arumah S. Abell, and Zenus Barnum, The (1859)
Daniel Poorman and others v. William A. Woodward and William C. Dusenberry, late partners under the firm of Woodward and Dusenberry (1859)
John Pemberton, Liquidator of the Merchants' Insurance Company, Appellant, v. Edward Lockett, James G. Berret, and Henry D. Johnson (1859)
William Cushing, John N. Cushing, and Caleb Cushing, of Newburyport, Massachusetts, Owners of the Brig James Gray, Libellants and Appellants, v. The Owners of the Ship John Fraser and the Steamer General Clinch (1859)
Eneas McFaul, Plaintiff in Error, v. James C. Ramsey (1858)
Francis Warner, Plaintiff in Error, v. Cephas H. Norton, Albert Jewett, Benjamin C. Busby, John C. Phelps, John J. Phelps, Isaac N. Phelps, and James Beman, Defendants (1858)
Covington Drawbridge Company, Plaintiffs in Error, v. Alexander O. Shepherd, Elijah F. Gillan, James Davidson, Samuel McClure, Samuel Peters, and George Willard, The (1858)
Pierre A. Berthold and others, Plaintiffs in Error, v. James McDonald and Mary McRee (1860)
Joseph Kimbro, Plaintiff in Error, v. Cuthbert Bullitt, Thomas D. Miller, and Lloyd D. Addison, Partners in Trade under the name and style of Bullitt, Miller, and Co. (1860)
Sidney E. Collins, Appellant, v. Drury Thompson, William F. Cleveland, and James Campbell's Widow, Heirs, and Devisees (1860)
Benjamin Haney, Charles Ogden, and John Trenchard, Libellants and Appellants, v. the Baltimore Steam Packet Company, Owners of the Steamer Louisiana, and George W. Russell (1860)
Joseph S. Cucullu, Plaintiff in Error, v. Louis Emmerling (1860)
Daniel Green's Administratrix v. Fletcher Creighton, in his own right, and as Executor of Jonathan McCaleb, deceased (1860)
Dubuque and Pacific Railroad Company, Plaintiffs in Error, v. Edwin C. Litchfield (1860)
Charles Richardson and others, Claimants of the Barque Tangier, Appellants, v. David Goddard and others (1860)
John Howland, Samuel Meeker, John Chadwick, and Oliver S. Halstead, Jun., Claimants of the Barque Griffin, her Tackle, etc., Appellants, v. John Greenway and George S. Dickson, Libellants (1860)
Mary Fort Adams, Administratrix of John Hagan, Jun., deceased, Appellant, v. John S. Preston and Caroline M. Preston his Wife (1860)
John P. Jeter, Plaintiff in Error, v. James Hewitt, Mulville Heron, and Mary Conrad (1860)
Thomas Whitridge and others, Claimants of the Schooner Fannie Crocker, Appellants, v. Joshua Dill and others (1860)
Plattsburgh. Marino, Claimant, The (1825)
Antelope. The Vice-Counsuls of Spain and Portugal, Libellants, The (1825)
Josefa Segunda. Roberts and others, Claimants, The (1825)
Gibbons, Appellant, v. Ogden, Respondent (1824)
St. Jago de Cuba. Vinente, and others, Claimants, The (1824)
Williamson and Others, Appellants, against Daniel and Others, Respondents (1827)
Antelope. The Spanish and Portuguese Consuls, Claimants, The (1827)
United States against Gooding, The (1827)
Ogden, Plaintiff in Error, against Saunders, Defendant in Error (1827)
Armstrong against Lear, Administrator (with the will annexed) of Kosciuszko (1827)
Brooks v. Marbury (1826)
Marianna Flora. The Vice Consul of Portugal, Claimant, The (1826)
Barnes and Others against Williams (1826)
Shelby and Others, Executors of Shelby, Plaintiffs in Error, against Guy, Defendant in Error (1826)
John Archer and John W. Stump, Executors of John Stump, Complainants and Appellants, vs. Mary Deneale, Widow and Executrix of George Deneale deceased, Charles T. Stuart and Ann Lucretia his Wife, Mary Catharine and Nancy P. Deneale, Children and Represent (1828)
American Insurance Company, and the Ocean Insurance Company, (of New-York,) Appellants, vs. 356 Bales of Cotton, David Canter Claimant and Appellee, The (1828)
Junius K. Horsburg, Devisee of James Henderson, Appellant, vs. Martin Baker and Hannah his wife, Francis Clark, Robert Boyce, and Peter Mason, for himself, and as Guardian to Susannah R. Hamlett (1828)
James J. M'Lanahan, Wilhelmus Bogart, and John Joseph Coiron, Plaintiffs in Error, vs. the Universal Insurance Company, Defendants in error (1828)
Sundry African Slaves, the Governor of Georgia, Claimant, Appellant, vs. Juan Madrazo - The Governor of Georgia, Appellant, vs. Sundry African Slaves, Juan Madrazo Claimant (1828)
Mason and Another, Plaintiffs in Error, against Matilda and Others, Defendants in Error (1827)
United States, Appellants vs. Isaac T. Preston, Attorney General of Louisiana, Appellee, The (1830)
Claudius F. Le Grand, Appellant vs. Nicholas Darnall, Appellee (1829)
Sundry Goods, Wakes and Merchandises, the America Company, Claimants, Plaintiffs in Error vs. the United States, Defendants in Error (1829)
Robert Boyce, Plaintiff in Error vs. Paul Anderson, Defendant in Error (1829)
Abraham Venable and George McDonald, Appellants vs. the President, Directors and Company of the Bank of the United States, Appellees (1829)
Bank of The United States, Plaintiffs in Error vs. Levi Tyler, Defendant in Error, The (1830)
Francis Lagrange, alias Isidore, a Man of Colour, Plaintiff in Error, vs. Pierre Chouteau, Jun. (1830)
United States, Appellants v. Don Fernando de la Maza Arredondo and others, Appellees, The (1832)
United States v. John D. Quincy, The (1832)
John Smith T., Plaintiff v. Robert Bell, Defendant (1832)
Cherokee Nation vs. the State of Georgia, The (1831)
Clement Smith, Administrator of Samuel Robertson, Deceased, Plaintiff in Error vs. the President and Directors of the Union Bank of Georgetown, Defendant in Error (1831)
Pierre Menard, Plaintiff in Error vs. Aspasia, Defendant in Error (1831)
United States, Plaintiffs in Error vs. Thomas Tingey, Defendant in Error, The (1831)
United States, Appellants v. Juan Percheman, Appellee, The (1833)
Ex Parte Juan Madrazzo (1833)
Hyppolitus Joseph Augustine Estho et al. v. Benjamin L. Lear, Administrator or Thaddeus Kosciuszko (1833)
Henry Wheaton and Robert Donaldson, Appellants v. Richard Peters and John Grigg (1834)
Samuel Hazard's Administrator, Plaintiff in Error v. the New England Marine Insurance Company (1834)
United States, Appellants v. Antonio Huertas, The (1834)
In the Matter of the Life and Fire Insurance Company of New York, Plaintiffs v. the Heirs of Nicholas Wilson (1834)
James M'Cutchen and others, Appellants v. James Marshall and others (1834)
Kosciuszko Armstrong, Appellant v. Benjamin L. Lear, Administrator of Thaddeus Kosciuszko and others (1834)
Samuel Lee and Barbara Lee, Plaintiffs in Error v. Elizabeth Lee (1834)
United States, Plaintiff in Error v. Joseph Nourse (1835)
Charlotte Dye Owings and Frances T. D. Owings, Plaintiffs in Error v. James F. Hull (1835)
Life and Fire Insurance Company of New York v. Christopher Adams, The (1835)
Robert Fenwick, Plaintiff in Error v. Eliza Chapman and Robert Chapman, by Kitty Chapman their Mother and Next Friend, Defendants in Error (1835)
Charles Scott, Bailiff of William S. Moore, Plaintiff in Error v. John Lloyd (1835)
Seaman Field and others, Plaintiffs in Error v. the United States (1835)
Auguste Chouteau's Heirs, Appellants v. the United States (1835)
John Coulson, Appellant v. James Walton and others (1835)
Bank of Georgia, Appellants v. James Higginbottom, Administrator of William S. Gillett, and others, The (1835)
Mayor, Aldermen, and Commonalty of the City of New York, Plaintiffs v. George Miln, The (1837)
United States, Plaintiffs in Error v. the Ship Garonne, William Skiddy and others, Claimants, The - United States, Plaintiffs in Error v. the Ship Fortune, Vasse Manuel, Claimant, The (1837)
John M'Learn and Others, Aliens and Subjects of the King of Great Britain, Appellants v. James Wallace, a Citizen of the State of Georgia, Administrator of James Hendley M'Learn, and Archbald M'Lellan and Wife, Citizen of the State of South Carolina - Arc (1836)
Joseph Wallingsford, Plaintiff in Error v. Sarah Ann Allen, for Herself and Children (1836)
John Hagan, Plaintiff in Error v. Charles F. Lucas (1836)
United States, Appellants v. Charles F. Sibbald, Appellee, The (1836)
Elizabeth Davis, Administratix of John D. Davis v. Alexander Braden (1836)
William C. S. Ventress et al., Executors of Lovic Ventress, Deceased, Plaintiffs in Error, v. Neal Smith, Administrator of John Clark, Deceased (1836)
John Hagan, Plaintiff in Error v. Thomas J. Foison (1836)
Samuel D. Harris and others v. Jesse D. Elliott (1836)
State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, Complainants v. the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Defendant, The (1838)
Pierre Choteau, Senior, Plaintiff in Error v. Marguerite, a Woman of Colour, Defendant (1838)
United States v. Zephaniah Kingsley, The (1838)
Daniel F. Strother, Plaintiff in Error v. John B. C. Lucas, Defendant (1838)
Isaac Bradlie and John Gibbons, Plaintiffs in Error v. the Maryland Insurance Company (1838)
United States, Appellants v. William Mills' Heirs, The (1838)
John Zacharie and Wife, Plaintiffs in Error v. Henry Franklin and Wife (1838)
Bank of Augusta, Plaintiffs in Error, vs. Joseph B. Earle, Defendant in Error - The Bank of the United States, Plaintiffs in Error, vs. William D. Primrose, Defendant in Error - The New Orleans and Carrollton Railroad Company, Plaintiffs in Error, vs. Jos (1839)
Heirs of William Emerson, Plaintiffs in Error, vs. Charles H. Hall, Defendant in Error, The (1839)
Richard C. L. Moncure, and Walter P. Conway, Executors of Mary James, Plaintiffs in Error, vs. Ann R. Dermott, Defendant in Error (1839)
William B. Stokes, Plaintiff in Error, vs. Francis W. Saltonstall, Defendant in Error (1839)
United States vs. James E. Hardyman, The (1839)
Bank of the United States, Appellant, vs. Elizabeth Lee, Edmund J. Lee, and Richard Smith, Appellees, The (1839)
Bank of Alexandria, Plaintiff in error, vs. Edward and Francis Dyer, Defendants in error, The (1840)
Joseph Evans, Plaintiff in error, vs. Sterling H. Gee, Defendant in error (1840)
United States, Plaintiff in error, vs. John P. Gratiot, Robert Burton, Charles S. Hempstead, and Dickerson B. Moorehouse, Defendants in error, The (1840)
United States vs. Isaac Morris, The (1840)
Lessee of William Pollard's heirs, &c. (etc.), Plaintiffs in Error, vs. Gaius Kibbe, Defendant in error (1840)
United States, Appellants, vs. Elizabeth Wiggins, Appellee, The (1840)
Lessee of Henry Brewer, Plaintiff in Error, vs. Jacob Blougher and Daniel Blougher, Defendants in Error, The (1840)
Marbury v. Brooks (1822)
Cohens v. Virginia (1821)
Anderson Childress, Executor of Joel Childress, Plaintiff in Error, v. Emory and McCleur, Executors of John G. Comegy's, surviving partner of William Cochran & (and) Comegys, Defendants in Error (1823)
Mary Ann - Plumer, Claimant, The (1823)
Fleckner, Plaintiff in Error, v. the President, Directors, and Company of the Bank of the United States, Defendants in Error (1823)
Merino. The Constitution. The Louisa Barbias, and others, Claimants, The (1824)
Emily and The Caroline, Broadfoot, Claimant, The (1824)
Respublica versus Negro Betsey, et al. (1789)
Respublica versus Sparhawk (1788)
Kunckel et al. versus Baker (1786)
Belt versus Dalby (1786)
Chisholm, Ex'r. versus Georgia (1793)
Respublica versus Keppele (1793)
Rue, versus Mitchell (1790)
Cowperthwaite, versus Jones, et al. (1790)
Ware, Administrator of Jones, Plaintiff in Error, versus Hylton et al. (1796)
Hylton, Plaintiff in Error, versus the United States (1796)
Respublica versus Mulatto Bob (1795)
Respublica versus Honeyman (1795)
Respublica versus Richards (1795)
Respublica versus The Guardians of the Poor of Philadelphia (1795)
Talbot, Appellant, versus Janson, Appellee, et al. (1795)
Commonwealth versus Chambre, The (1794)
Thomas Hamilton v. James Russell (1803)
Jacob Resler v. James Shehee (1801)
Course et al. versus Stead et Ux. et al. (1800)
Evans, qui tam etc. versus Bollen (1800)
Murgatroyd versus McLure (1800)
Wiscart, et al. Plaintiffs in Error, versus Dauchy, Defendant in Error (1796)
United States v. Fisher et al. Assignees of Blight, a Bankrupt, The (1805)
Adams, qui tam, v. Woods (1805)
M'Ilvaine v. Coxe's Lessee (1805)
Milligan, Administrator of Milligan v. Milledge & (and) Wife (1805)
Marine Insurance Company of Alexandria v. Wilson, The (1805)
William Mason and others, Libellants v. Ship Blaireau (1804)
Little et al. v. Barreme et al. (1804)
Alexander Murray, Esq. v. Schooner Charming Betsy (1804)
Ex Parte Bollman and Ex Parte Swartwout (1807)
William Maley v. Jared Shattuck (1806)
Scott v. Negro London (1806)
Conframp et al. versus Bunel (1806)
Hodgson v. Butts (1805)
Lambert's Lessee v. Paine (1805)
Telfair et al. Executors of Rae & (and) Sommerville, v. Stead's Executors (1805)
Bailiff v. Tipping (1805)
United States v. Schooner Sally of Norfolk, The (1805)
Auld v. Norwood (1809)
Brent v. Chapman (1809)
Pierce v. Turner (1809)
Mandeville and Jamesson v. Wilson (1809)
Stead's Executor's v. Course (1808)
Ramsay v. Lee (1808)
Spiers v. Willison (1808)
Chappedelaine, Residuary Legatee, and Closrivierre, Adm'r d bonis non, against Dechenaux, Executor of Dumoussay, Defendant (1808)
Rose v. Himely (1808)
Mima Queen and Child, petitioners for freedom, v. Hepburn (1813)
Hezekiah Wood v. John Davis and others (1812)
Scott v. Negro Ben (1810)
Sere and Lardale v. Pitot and Others (1810)
Brigantine Amiable Lucy v. The United States, The (1810)
Smith v. The State of Maryland, at the instance and for the use of Carrol and Maccubbin (1810)
United States v. Bryan and Woodcock (Garnishes of Hendrickson), The (1815)
Gettings v. Burch's Administratix (1815)
Brig Alerta, and Cargo, (Brosquet, Claimant,) v. Blas Moran, Libellant, The (1815)
Parker v. Rule's Lessee (1815)
Fairfax's Devisee v. Hunter's Lessee (1813)
Brig Caroline, William Broadfoot, Claimant, v. The United States (1813)
Beverly v. Brooke (1817)
Samuel - Pierce and Beach, Claimants, The (1816)
Negro John Davis et al. v. Wood (1816)
Negress Sally Henry, by William Henry, her father and next friend, v. Ball (1816)
Edward - Scott, Claimant, The (1816)
Josefa Segunda, Carricabura et al. Claimants, The (1820)
Marshall v. P. R. Beverley (1820)
Sturges v. Crowninshield (1819)