Annals of the Constantin Brancusi University of Targu Jiu Juridical Sciences Series

Publisher: Academica Brancusi Press of Constantin Brancusi University of Targu-Jiu
Publication Website:
Coverage: 2007-2021#1

ISSN: 1844-7015
Frequency: 4
Additional Information: "Constantin Brancusi" University Annals from Targu Jiu, Juridical Science Series is published by "Academica Brancusi" Press of "Constantin Brancusi" University from Targu-Jiu, a state university, institutionally certified.

The magazine includes articles from the juridical field, with the following objectives: encouraging research in education, enlarging the horizon of knowledge in the juridical field being a prestigious forum for interdisciplinary debates.

From the beginning, the magazine has proposed to publish articles, studies of law and juridical practice, from the country and from abroad, to facilitate the understanding of the institution and decision making system in the structures of the European Union, to know the communitarian contentious and great problems of integration. Our magazine has opened its pages for authors coming from various countries or especially from our country, from the juridical academic environment, to law experts and Romanian master degree candidates and PhD candidates studying abroad. It wants to approach new elements in classical fields, as well as the interference of various disciplines in relation to or absorbed by the law (medical law, juridical statistics, juridical management, public administration management, food law, communitarian contentious, business penal law, industrial relations, communitarian fiscality, etc.)

The magazine is therefore a forum of debates on disciplinary and interdisciplinary theoretical matters, a support in the enforcement of law by experts, an impulse for the relevant research activity at regional, national and international level.


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