Bahir Dar University Journal of Law

Publisher: Bahir Dar University School of Law
Publication Website:
Coverage: Vols. 1-11 (2010-2021)

ISSN: 2306-224X
Frequency: 2
Additional Information: An important step in the research and publication activity of the School has been the launching of Bahir Dar University Journal of Law, a bi-annual legal periodical. The School publishes a peer-reviewed journal of law since May 2010. This journal is a forum for legal scholars to publish manuscripts that meet intellectual quality. The Academic Commission, currently the Academic Council, of the Law School has adopted and issued a Journal Policy. As per the approved Policy, the Journal has its own Advisory Board, Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Committee. The Journal has its own Editorial Policy, Guideline for authors, Manuscript Review Criteria and Review Instructions. In accordance with the Editorial Policy and the bylaws of the Journal, the Editorial Committee of regularly issues calls for contributions. Of the various contributions it regularly receives, the Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Committee select those manuscripts that meet the form and content requirements of the journal. Each manuscript is then peer-reviewed by three anonymous internal and external reviewers. Those which succeed attaining the highest assessment marks for their intellectual maturity and their contributions for the legal profession and the administration of justice in general are published.

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