CPA Practice Management Forum

Publisher: CCH
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Coverage: Vols. 1-10 (2005-2014) All Published

ISSN: 1556-0899
Frequency: 12
Additional Information: CCH’s CPA Practice Management Forum (CPFM) is a new 24-page, monthly magazine providing a blend of news, commentary and features that focus on key topics of importance to CPA firm leaders. CPFM leverages and improves upon cornerstone aspects of four former CCH/ASPEN periodicals— CPA Managing Partner Report, CPA Marketing Report, CPA Personnel Report, and Journal of Tax Practice Management, to bring readers a new look and increased level of service and insight to help CPA firm leaders better manage and grow their practices.

This exciting new publication is aimed at helping accounting firm practice managers deal effectively with the critical challenges they face daily. CPFM is a “must-read” resource for all accounting firm managers and partners, offering behind-the-scenes looks at successful accounting firms and their strategies, with practical advice from managing partners, human resource directors, marketing managers and others who drive successful firms.


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