Cambridge Student Law Review

Publisher: University of Cambridge
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Coverage: Vols. 1-7 (2005-2011) All Published

ISSN: 1750-0893
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Additional Information: The Cambridge Student Law Review is the UK's premier student-run law journal, which seeks to publish the very best in legal scholarship from academics, practitioners and students. It is a reviewed and open-access publication available freely in print and through online legal resources, such as HeinOnline. The CSLR is entirely run by student editors comprising graduate and undergraduate students at the Faculty of Law of the University of Cambridge.

The founding of the CSLR represents a significant development in the history of the UK student-run journal publications. In 1921, the Cambridge Law Journal was founded as a student publication. In the words of Professor HD Hazeltine, in the Foreword of the first issue, the work of legal editorship and authorship ‘is a valuable training; and this work on the Journal is already viewed at Cambridge as one of the highest goals of student-ambition.’ Yet, within a few years the Journal was entirely directed by the Law Faculty. Cambridge University has not had a student-run academic law journal since.

The Cambridge Student Law Review fills this gap. It was founded in 2003, following a high level of interest and support from students and Faculty members, and was quickly recognised as a high calibre publication run independently by students. The CSLR fulfilled its aims of allowing students complete editorial control of a law review as well as being a platform for the best student legal scholarship worldwide. Since then, the CSLR has grown from strength to strength. In 2008, the CSLR's Honorary Board of members supporting the review included the late Lord Bingham of Cornhill, previously Senior Law Lord in the House of Lords; The Right Honourable Baroness Hale of Richmond, Justice of the Supreme Court; the Right Honourable Lord Walker of Gestingthorpe, Justices of the Supreme Court; The Honourable Dean Spielmann, Judge of the European Court of Human Rights; and Professor David Feldman, Rouse Ball Professor of English Law.

In recent years, the journal has steadily evolved from being a platform for student publications to attracting research from senior academics and faculty members from across the world. The CSLR is keen to maintain the highest standards while remaining committed to its student-run independence.


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