Comparative Law Review

Publisher: University of Perugia Department of Law
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Coverage: Vols. 1-11 (2010-2020)

ISSN: 2038-8993
Frequency: 2
Additional Information: The Comparative Law Review is a peer-reviewed, English language journal concerned to engage with the theoretical exploration of legal systems and the mutual intersections of Law and Culture. The principal aim of the CoLR is to reassess the understanding of comparativism so to provide an international forum for academic research and to orient the new trends of scholarly debate on central subject-matters, such as the critical construction of legal traditions, the governance of legal order, the subtle interfaces between Law and Politics, the jurisdictional projects, the undertaking of a new legal geopolitics, the economic dimension of legal changes, the mutable forms of global scenarios. Central to CoLR's mandate is to explore legal theory, judicial practice and public policy, inspecting the urgent issues of our age. CoLR is also devoted to stimulate and promote an interdisciplinary approach to Law, relocating classical topics in a new framework at the crossroads of law and history, law and literature, law and philosophy, law and theology, law and visual arts.

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