Conference Proceedings International Conference Development of Public Administration (Zbornik Radova Razvoj Javne Uprave)

Publisher: Polytechnic Lavoslav Ruzicka Vukovar
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Coverage: 2011-2022

Frequency: 1
Additional Information: "Development of Public Administration" is a scientific journal published by College of Applied Sciences "Lavoslav Ruzicka", Vukovar. The journal primary publishes professional and scientific papers from the fields of law, especially public administration and legal science. The main aim of the journal is to improve scientific and professional communication in the field of public administration. Papers published in the journal contribute to the development of legal science and administrational law, primarily in Croatia, but also in the region. The main topic of the journal is law (administrational law) and interdisciplinary legal topics (law, economy, and politics). Intended audience is professional and scientific experts in the field of public administration, employees of ministries and bodies of administration and people from the local and regional self-government. All papers published in the Journal are peer -reviewed.

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