Criminal Law Practitioner

Publisher: American University Washington College of Law
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Coverage: Vols. 1-12 (2013-2021) Supersedes Criminal Law Brief

Frequency: 2
Additional Information: The Criminal Law Practitioner, formerly the Criminal Law Brief, is dedicated to providing practice-oriented articles on highly litigated and prevalent topics in criminal justice. Our publication identifies key issues and recent developments in criminal law and also provides guidance on how to address these issues in practice. The Criminal Law Practitioner, published biannually, promotes the scholarship of criminal practitioners and current American University, Washington College of Law students.


12 (2021-2022)
11 (2020-2021)
5 (2019-2020)
4 (2018-2019)
3 (2015-2017)
2 (2014-2015)
1 (2013)