East African Journal of Human Rights & Democracy

Publisher: East African Human Rights Institute
Publication Website: http://www.eahumanrights.org/index.htm
Coverage: Vols. 1-4 (2003-2006) All Published

ISSN: 1686-900X
Frequency: 4
Additional Information: The East African Journal of Human Rights and Democracy shares the vision of assisting to build strong and peaceful societies in East Africa where all persons irrespective of their ethnic, racial, religious, social and economic background and/or political orientation are secure and enjoy equal opportunity to actualize their potential as the most enduring basis for the promotion and consolidation of democracy, human rights and development.

Source: http://www.eahumanrights.org/index.htm

4 (2006)
3 (2005)
2 (2004)
1 (2003)