Exeter Student Law Review

Publisher: University of Exeter
Publication Website: https://socialsciences.exeter.ac.uk/law/study/exeterstudentlawreview/
Coverage: Vols. 1-2 (2015-2016) All Published

ISSN: 2058-8445
Frequency: 1
Additional Information: The Exeter Student Law Review is the University of Exeter's first student-led legal academic publication.

The Review publishes outstanding pieces of legal scholarship produced by law students at all levels of study. Through the exposition of a wide variety of intriguing and insightful articles, the Review aims to reflect the high quality of student research and reaffirm the Law School's tradition of legal excellence. Although the Review mainly accepts work done in the course of study, it also encourages students to make submissions on areas of law that are outside the syllabus.

2 (2016)
1 (2015)