Frank G. Raichle Lecture Series on Law in American Society

Coverage: 1983-2013

Frequency: varies
Additional Information: A selection of lectures which began in 1981 and were given at Canisius College, Buffalo, N.Y., covering a wide range of topics such as the role of the Supreme Court in American society to the Iraq War. Speakers have included Justice Byron R.White,Robert H. Bork, Hon. John T. Noonan Jr., Justice William H. Rehnquist, Hon. Patricia M. Wald, Hon. Abner J. Mikva, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, Atty. Gen. Janet Reno and James. Q. Wilson.


Kennedy (2013)
Hatch (2010)
Strossen (2008)
Yoo (2007)
Rosen (2006)
Kmiec (2005)
Wilson (2004)
Kozinski (2003)
Howe (2001)
Dash (1999)
Amar (1999)
Cutler (1998)
Langbein (1997)
Reno (1996)
O'Connor (1995)
Mikva (1994)
Wald (1992)
Rehnquist (1989)
Wachtler (1988)
Noonan (1986)
Bork (1985)
White (1983)