Global Sports Policy Review

Publisher: Global Sports Policy Review
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Coverage: Vols. 1-3 (2020-2023)

ISSN: 2582-8886
Frequency: 2
Additional Information: Global Sports Policy Review is the first of its kind multidisciplinary online sports journal which combines articles addressing the overall sports curriculum and sports policy matters which revolve around trending sports-related issues of the era, starting from legal to administrative policies. This online journal is the outcome of an individual community. It is a blinded peer-reviewed journal and is backed by a strong advisory and editorial board, together with professional business staff and independent overseers, who are responsible for carrying out day-to-day operations in the field of global sports. We pride ourselves in accepting research articles from all divisions of Scholarly society, as well as Students and Sports Enthusiasts. It is a Peer Reviewed Journal, which has Professors from different universities as well as backed by many honorary members (as advisor and editors) from different national and international societies, who are professional as well as lawyer. Further it is supported back a student body.

3 #1 (2023)
2 (2021-2022)
1 (2020-2021)