HLRe: Off the Record

Publisher: Houston Law Foundation
Publication Website: https://houstonlawreview.org/section/1142-houston-law-review-off-the-record-articles
Coverage: Vols. 1-12 Article 6 (2011-2022) Online Companion to Houston Law Review

ISSN: 2639-7838
Frequency: 4
Additional Information: Houston Law Review: Off the Record is an online publication designed to advance discussions in the Houston legal community. Off the Record offers professors, practitioners, and others the opportunity to publish short, practical pieces discussing a wide variety of topics relevant in and outside of Houston. The journal has and continues to focus on those articles that give practical legal advice, have a historical or human interest component, or give opinions on recent developments in the law. As the online companion to the Houston Law Review, Off the Record hopes to create a forum that gives writers and readers exposure to articles that may not appear in a more traditionally academic law review.

Source: https://houstonlawreview.org/section/1142-houston-law-review-off-the-record-articles

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