Indonesian Journal of International & Comparative Law

Publisher: Institute for Migrant Rights
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Coverage: Vols. 1-9#1 (2014-2022)

ISSN: 2338-7602
Frequency: 4
Additional Information: The Indonesian Journal of International & Comparative Law (IJICL) commenced its publication in 2014 under the auspices of the Institute for Migrant Rights, Cianjur Indonesia. The idea behind its establishment grew out of the concern over an impasse in contemporary and comparative legal scholarship in Indonesia and the region in general. As a transnational scholarly project, the Journal provides a forum for legal practitioners and scholars from the Republic of Indonesia, Asia, and elsewhere to discuss a broad range of issues relating to "law."

As States become more integrated, there is a pressing need to respond to the climate where legal, social, and political issues increasingly cross national boundaries in their impact. The Journal, in its global reach, is designed to address these considerations by challenging the orthodoxies that once considered "progressive." Its primary purpose is to provide a new forum for emerging perspectives on international and comparative legal issues, especially those that implicate non Western regions or cultures. In that respect, the Journal through its publications aims to enrich existing approaches to legal analysis and widen the proper ambit of legal studies in the Global South.

The Journal is thus particularly interested in considering submissions that invoke creative outlooks on "law" and present arguments that go beyond doctrinal analysis. We strongly encourage works that aim to generate practical impact in policy-making at all levels. The Journal welcomes theoretical, empirical, historical, comparative, and inter-disciplinary manuscripts covering legal issues in any jurisdiction, as well as notes and book reviews examining the impact of rapidly changing legal regimes on specific areas or sub-disciplines of legal studies.


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