International Commentary on Evidence

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Coverage: Vols 1-14 (1998-2016)

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ISSN: 1554-4567
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Additional Information: International Commentary on Evidence (ICE) is a peer-reviewed journal on evidence law and theory. Its purpose is to promote scholarship and communication about the law of evidence without regard to political or academic boundaries. ICE is a subscription based journal published online, this allows the fastest possible exchange of ideas consistent with peer-review. ICE is a forum for the exchange of ideas; an editorial policy and conditions of publication are formulated to allow authors to advanced their ideas in ICE and to develop them more fully. The term 'International' does not limit our subject matter. We publish works concerning evidentiary issues of interest in more than one jurisdiction. Contributions need not, however, refer to the law of more than one jurisdiction. To illustrate the point, a paper on the definition of hearsay, or a law reform proposal, would be of interest in a number of jurisdictions, even if it referred exclusively to the law of one jurisdiction. In addition, a comparative analysis of scientific evidence would certainly be of interest in more than one jurisdiction for example if it related to novel forms of evidence such as biometrics.

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