International Organizations Law Review

Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers
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Coverage: Vols. 1-14 (2004-2017)

Indexing: Indexed: Vols. 1-19 #1 (2004-2022)
ISSN: 1572-3747
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Additional Information: After the Second World War in particular, the law of international organizations developed as a discipline within public international law. Separate, but not separable. The International Organizations Law Review purports to function as a discussion forum for academics and practitioners active in the field of the law of international organizations. It is based on two pillars; one is based in the world of scholarship, the other in the world of practice. In the first dimension, the Journal focuses on general developments in international institutional law. Its main interest lies in general, theoretical, issues rather than in the law of specific organizations. Contributions may deal with individual organizations, but the relevance of the subject to other international organizations or to the discipline of the law of international organizations must be clear. Most contributions will therefore focus on institutional rather than on substantive issues.

Equally important, however, are the views from practice. The world of scholars and the world of practitioners largely function in separate settings. One is not always fully aware of developments taking place in the other. The Review aims to bridge this separation by creating a forum to identify and discuss legal developments within international organizations as observed by practitioners working for those organizations next to theoretical analyses of international institutional law. Both dimensions are to support and stimulate each other.


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