Journal of Animal Law and Ethics

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Law School
Coverage: Vols. 1-3 (2006-2009) All Published

Frequency: 1
Additional Information: The Journal of Animal Law and Ethics (JALE) was approved in Spring of 2005 as an independent journal at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, and the inaugural editorial board and associate editors have been working hard on the first issue. Run by students with support of a diverse faculty advisory board, JALE seeks to provide a scholarly forum for cross-disciplinary engagement of issues of animal law and ethics issues that encompass several areas of law (such as criminal law, health law, family law, torts, and property) while also intersecting with non-legal disciplines (such as philosophy, veterinary medicine, history, and religious studies). JALE was started by members of Penn Law's Student Animal Legal Defense Fund in February, 2005, with the goal of providing a respected legal journal that addresses some of the most pressing issues of the day regarding animal law and ethics. Although animal law scholarship and practice have increased steadily in the past decade, there remain only two other law school journals on the topic in the country (Lewis & Clark and Michigan State). As the student editors of JALE, we feel that this area is still vastly underrepresented within the legal and intellectual community, and we hope to use JALE both to spark interest and to educate others. JALE supports lively and intelligent debate of animal law issues and encourages quality submissions from all perspectives.


3 (2009)
2 (2007)
1 (2006)