Journal of Family Trauma, Child Custody, and Child Development

Publisher: Taylor & Francis
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Coverage: Vols. 1-13 (2004-2016) Title Varies: Vols. 1-16 (2004-2019) as Journal of Child Custody

Indexing: Vols. 1-19#1 (2004-2022)
ISSN: 2690-4586
Frequency: 4
Additional Information: The Journal of Family Trauma, Child Custody, and Child Development (JFT), formerly Journal of Child Custody, provides access to the research, theories, ideas, commentaries, and experiences of leading experts in the fields of family psychology, child development, attachment, child custody, trauma, interpersonal violence and abuse, assessment, parenting, divorce, and other relevant areas. It keeps professionals up to date with the latest developments in the research and practice on these important areas of family and child functioning, as well as discussions about complex legal and psychological issues involved in their assessment or evaluations. While it will not shy away from controversial topics and ideas, the JFT is committed to publishing accurate, balanced, and scholarly articles as well as insightful reviews of relevant literature, research, and books covering these areas. It is important for practitioners to be aware and understand the latest techniques, science, ethical factors, best practices, and applications regarding child and family issues such that they are able to conduct evaluations, interventions, legal representation, testimony, and advocacy with respect to their profession and discipline. The journal is anonymously peer reviewed with an interdisciplinary editorial board comprised of child custody evaluators, mental health, social work, law enforcement and medical professionals, researchers, attorneys, and judges committed to the safety and best interests of children and families, especially as they relate to various types of court cases.

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