Journal of Law & Innovation (JLI)

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Law School
Publication Website:
Coverage: Vols. 1-4 (2019-2021)

Frequency: 1
Additional Information: The Journal of Law & Innovation ("JLI") is a student-edited journal at the University of Pennsylvania Law School that focuses on issues related to law, innovation, and technology. Unlike most law school journals, JLI benefits from a high level of faculty involvement. The journal is published as a single-issue journal each year, in a symposium format. During the Fall semester, journal members work with the faculty editor(s) in a seminar to read prominent legal scholarship on the topic and learn how to critically analyze legal scholarship. During the Spring semester, journal members assist with the running and organization of a major symposium on the topic, work with the symposium authors to substantively edit their pieces, and help bring the journal to print before the end of the academic year. Internally, the goal of the journal is to provide its technologically-focused student-members with a substantive publication experience, an opportunity for close collaboration with Penn Law faculty members, and an extended foray into academia. Externally, The Journal of Law & Innovation seeks to produce novel legal scholarship that explores the intersection of law and technology. Each year, the journal purposefully chooses a volume topic centered on a fast-evolving and unsettled area of law. The resulting author contributions allow academics and practitioners to remain up to date on the most pressing ways in recent societal technological development have and will impact legal regimes (and vice versa).

4 (2021)
3 (2020)
2 (2019)
1 (2019)