Journal of Peace, Prosperity and Freedom

Publisher: Liberty Australia Institute
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Coverage: Vols. 1-3 (2012-2015) All Published

ISSN: 2200-3037
Frequency: 1
Additional Information: The Journal of Peace, Prosperity and Freedom was founded in 2012 by Sukrit Sabhlok. The journal features an editorial board composed of respected scholars such as Stephan Kinsella of the Ludwig von Mises Institute and Dr. Ben O'Neill of the University of NSW (ADFA).

Our mission is to promote the development and extension of Austrian economics and libertarianism, with a focus on Australia. The journal encourages submissions that eschew technical jargon and are accessible to the layperson while simultaneously providing value to the specialist reader. All aspects of the social sciences - from economics, to political science, sociology and more - are welcome. All research articles and commentaries are subject to peer-review; book reviews are not.


3 (2015)
2 (2013)
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