Kentucky Journal of Equine, Agriculture, & Natural Resources Law

Publisher: University of Kentucky College of Law
Publication Website:
Coverage: Vols. 1-13 (2008-2021) Supersedes Journal of Natural Resources and Environmental Law

ISSN: 2156-4787
Frequency: 3
Additional Information: The Kentucky Journal for Equine, Agricultural & Natural Resources Law is a multi-disciplinary journal of law, science, and policy published twice annually by the University of Kentucky College of Law. The Journal is edited entirely by students of the College of Law. A forum for articles by practitioners, academicians, policy-makers, and other professionals throughout the United States and abroad, the Journal welcomes original manuscripts focusing on the legal, policy, and ethical issues related to the environment, natural resources, land use, and energy. Shorter discussion pieces, descriptions of creative solutions to persistent problems, and commentary on policy and politics are also suitable for publication in the Journal. Each issue also includes notes and case comments written by Journal staff members.


13 (2020-2021)
12 (2019-2020)
11 (2018-2019)
10 (2017-2018)
9 (2016-2017)
8 (2015-2016)
7 (2014-2015)
6 (2013-2014)
5 (2012-2013)
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