Legal History

Coverage: Vols. 1-15 (1995-2012) All Published. Title Varies: Vols. 1-9 (1995-2005) as Australian Journal of Legal History

ISSN: 1833-7155
Frequency: 2
Additional Information: Legal History is dedicated to publishing high quality research by those scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds who are interested in the dynamic relationship between law and history. The bi-annual journal, which was previously produced at the University of Adelaide, builds upon the research and teaching strengths in legal history at Macquarie University. As its editor, Dr Andrew Buck explains, the journal is committed to the belief that scholars from different disciplines and different jurisdictions can and should engage in a fruitful dialogue. In this sense, legal history is a broad church and Legal History encourages scholarship from a wide diversity of methodological approaches. Dr Buck has expanded the editorial board, which now includes some of the world's leading legal historians. While continuing to showcase the finest legal-historical scholarship from Australia, the journal encourages submissions from all jurisdictions.

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