Open Journal for Legal Studies (OJLS)

Publisher: Center for Open Access in Science
Publication Website:
Coverage: Vols. 1-3 (2018-2020)

ISSN: 2620-0619
Frequency: 2
Additional Information: The Open Journal for Legal Studies (OJLS), as an international multi-disciplinary peer-reviewed online open access academic journal, publishes academic articles deal with different problems and topics in various areas of legal studies and close scientific disciplines (theory of law, history of law, philosophy of law, sociology of law, Roman law, international law, civil law, constitutional law, administrative law, criminal law, contract law, tort law, property law, religious law, immigration law, human rights law, family law, social security law, labour law, company law, commerce law, intellectual property law, methodology of legal studies, legal education, etc.). The OJLS provides a platform for the manuscripts from different areas of study. The journal welcomes original theoretical works, analyses, reviews, etc. The manuscripts may represent a variety of theoretical and epistemological perspectives and different methodological approaches. The journal is listed in DOAJ, and all articles have DOI.

3 (2020)
2 (2019)
1 (2018)