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Revista de Dreptul Familiei / Family Law Magazine

Publisher: Universul Juridic Publishing House
Publication Website: https://www.ujmag.ro/reviste/revista-de-dreptul-familiei
Coverage: 2019-2022#2

ISSN: 2668-5698
Frequency: 2
Additional Information: The Family Law Magazine is not just any magazine. From the effort of those who seek the truth, in the light of law, the magazine focuses on the family, inviting debate and analysis. The role of a periodical dedicated to family law is to create a framework for debate, by reuniting special pens and applying legal reasoning. It has a flexible structure, and includes the traditional parts - Studies, Annotated jurisprudence and summary jurisprudence, Reviews, Restitution, as well as an Editorial (belonging to personalities outside the legal sphere), Legislative file, Bibliographic Codex, Legal culture, Events. The magazine is edited by specialists from the world of law.

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