William & Mary Journal of Race, Gender, and Social Justice

Publisher: William & Mary Law School
Publication Website: https://scholarship.law.wm.edu/wmjowl/
Coverage: Vols. 1-28 (1994-2022) Title Varies: Vols. 1-24 (1994-2018) as William & Mary Journal of Women and the Law

ISSN: 1081-549X
Frequency: 3
Additional Information: The focus of the Journal is to present wide-ranging, multi-disciplinary perspectives on the gender issues of our time. The gender issues that the Journal addresses are not issues that face only women. Rather these issues reflect a more modern conception of gender dialog, addressing the way in which individuals and groups of different genders interact.

The Journal of Women and the Law is a student-edited journal founded to focus scholarly debate on gender-related issues and to encourage discussion about the impact gender bias in the law has on society and women's lives. The Journal is committed to stimulating an open discussion encompassing a variety of viewpoints regarding these legal issues. Through such dialogue, we hope to advance the development of the law in an area critical to social justice and equality.

In addition to advancing legal development, the Journal provides students, professors and practitioners interested in gender-related issues and feminist legal studies the opportunity to develop these interests further through a serious academic review that crosses the boundaries traditionally separating legal disciplines. The Journal's scope includes labor law, international law, administrative law, wills and estates, contracts, torts, the criminal and civil justice systems, and many other areas of law. It addresses the inherent interdependence between public policy and social issues. This broad academic approach promotes thoughtful and creative commentary on issues concerning gender and the law.

Source: http://wmpeople.wm.edu/site/page/wmjowl/missionstatement

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