Law in Eastern Europe

Coverage: Nos 1-67 (1958-2017)

Indexing: Nos 1-68 (1958-2020)
No. 68 - Formalism, Decisionism and Conservatism in Russian Law Indexing Only
No. 67 - Reviewing European Union Accession: Unexpected Results, Spillover Effects, and Externalities
No. 66 - History of Russian Law from Ancient Times to the Council Code (Ulozhenie) of Tsar Aleksei Mikhailovich of 1649
No. 65 - Russian Electricity and Energy Investment Law
No. 64 - Russia and European Human-Rights Law: The Rise of Civilizational Argument
No. 63 - East European Faces of Law and Society: Values and Practices
No. 62 - Legal Dimension in Cold-War Interactions: Some Notes from the Field
No. 61 - Judiciary in Central and Eastern Europe: Mechanical Jurisprudence in Transformation?
No. 60 - Private and Civil Law in the Russian Federation: Essays in Honor of F.J.M. Feldbrugge
No. 59 - Law in Medieval Russia
No. 58 - Russia and Its Constitution: Promise and Political Reality
No. 57 - Investor Protection in the CIS: Legal Reform and Voluntary Harmonization
No. 56 - Russia, Europe, and the Rule of Law
No. 55 - Public Policy and Law in Russia: In Search of a Unified Legal and Political Space: Essays in Honor of Donald D. Barry
No. 54 - Counsel in the Caucasus: Professionalization and Law in Georgia
No. 53 - Copyright, Freedom of Speech, and Cultural Policy in the Russian Federation
No. 52 - Law in Transition
No. 51 - Human Rights in Russia and Eastern Europe: Essays in Honor of Ger P. van den Berg
No. 50 - Prospects for Constitutionalism in Post-Communist Countries
No. 49 - International and National Law in Russia and Eastern Europe: Essays in Honor of George Ginsburgs
No. 48 - From Soviet to Russian International Law: Studies in Continuity and Change
No. 47 - Moscow's Road to Nuremberg: The Soviet Background to the Trial
No. 46 - Revival of Private Law in Central and Eastern Europe: Essays in Honor of F.J.M. Feldbrugge
No. 45 - Russian Law: The End of the Soviet System and the Role of Law
No. 44 - Emancipation of Soviet Law
No. 43 - Carriage of Goods by Sea in the Practice of the USSR Maritime Arbitration Commission
No. 42 - Nuremberg Trial and International Law
No. 41 - Impact of Perestroika on Soviet Law
No. 40 - Soviet Administrative Law: Theory and Policy
No. 39 - Law and the Gorbachev Era: Essays in Honor of Dietrich Andrew Loeber
No. 38 - Soviet Union and International Cooperation in Legal Matters
No. 37 - Commentary on the Czechoslovak Civil Code
No. 36 - Soviet Civil Law
No. 35 - Private International Law: The Soviet Approach
No. 34 - Distinctiveness of Soviet Law
No. 33 - Calendar of Soviet Treaties
No. 32 - Soviet Law and Economy
No. 31 - Ruling Communist Parties and Their Status under Law
No. 30 - Soviet Law and Soviet Reality
No. 29 - Soviet System of Justice: Figures and Policy
No. 28 - Encyclopedia of Soviet Law
No. 27 - Party Statutes of the Communist World
No. 26 - Construction of Communism
No. 25 - Citizenship Law of the USSR
No. 24 - Perspectives on Soviet Law for the 1980s
No. 23 - Soviet Codes of Law
No. 22(1) - Copyright, Defamation, and Privacy in Soviet Civil Law: De Lege Lata ac Ferenda
No. 21 - Soviet Procuracy Protests, 1937-1973: A Collection of Translations
No. 20 - Soviet Law after Stalin
No. 19 - Codification in the Communist World: Symposium in Memory of Zsolt Szirmai (1903-1973)
No. 18 - Polish Civil Law
No. 17 - Governmental Tort Liability in the Soviet Union, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Roumania and Yugoslavia
No. 16 - Polish Family Law
No. 15 - Soviet Citizenship Law
No. 14 - Miscellanea II: Articles and Texts
No. 13 - Legal Controls in the Soviet Union
No. 12 - Soviet Insurance Law
No. 11 - Civil Code and the Code of Civil Procedure of the RSFSR, 1964
No. 10 - Soviet Private International Law
No. 9 - Soviet Criminal Law: General Part
No. 8 - Introduction to Soviet Copyright Law
No. 7 - Miscellanea: Articles and Texts
No. 6 - Studies in Polish Law
No. 5 - Law of Inheritance in Eastern Europe and in the People's Republic of China
No. 4 - Merchant Shipping Code of the Soviet Union
No. 3 - Federal Criminal Law of the Soviet Union
2 (1958)
No. 2 - Law in Eastern Europe
1 (1958)
No. 1 - Law in Eastern Europe