Interdisciplinary Journal of Human Rights Law

Publisher: Council for American Students in International Negotiations
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Coverage: Vols. 1-8 (2006-2015) All Published

Frequency: 1
Additional Information: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Human Rights Law (IJHRL) is a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal designed to address international human rights issues more broadly. The first volume of the IJHRL was ranked #8 among top international law reviews on ExpressO rankings. The journal explores political, philosophical, and legal questions related to international human rights from diverse perspectives. It strives to create a more thoughtful polity better able to make informed choices about ethical foreign policymaking.

8 (2014-2015)
7 (2012-2013)
6 (2011-2012)
5 (2010-2011)
4 (2009-2010)
3 (2008-2009)
2 (2007)
1 (2006)