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Code of 1650

Coverage: 1 v. Hartford: S. Andrus and Son, 1822

Additional Information: "The Code of 1650, the first in Connecticut, was probably compiled by Roger Ludlow and was adopted by the General Court in May, 1650. It consisted of all laws of general applicability enacted by the General Court still in force in 1650.

"The Connecticut Constitution of 1638-1639 comprised the fundamental laws adopted on January 14, 1638 by the inhabitants of Windsor, Hartford, and Wethersfield to form a public state or commonwealth. It consisted of eleven 'orders', or laws, establishing a working government, followed by three sample oaths of office: the oath of the Governor, of a magistrate, and of a constable.

"The Laws of the New Haven colony consist of the fundamental agreement of June 4, 1639, in which 111 persons, all free planters, determined that only church members should have the right to vote and to transact all affairs of government. The judicial proceedings are extracted from the court records."

- Morris Cohen, Bibliography of Early American Law III 674 (1998)

1822 (1822)