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United Nations Office of Disarmament Affairs Occasional Papers

Publisher: United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs
Publication Website: https://www.un.org/disarmament/publications/occasionalpapers/
Coverage: 40v. New York: United Nations, 1999-2023

Frequency: 1
Additional Information: The Occasional papers series has been developed to give wider dissemination of input from expert panels and seminars sponsored by the Office for Disarmament Affairs (UNODA).

United Nations and Disarmament amid COVID-19 (2023)
Global Reported Arms Trade (2023)
Advancing the Process to Negotiate a Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty: The Role of States in the African, Asia-Pacific and Latin American and Caribbean Regions (2021)
United Nations Programme of Fellowships on Disarmament at 40 (2020)
Conventional Ammunition Management: Developments and Challenges from COVID-19 (2020)
Rethinking Unconstrained Military Spending (2020)
Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention: Twenty Years of Saving Lives and Preventing Indiscriminate Harm (2019)
United Nations Efforts to Reduce Military Expenditures: A Historical Overview (2019)
Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons on the Dark Web (2018)
Celebrating 15 Years of Disarmament and Non-Proliferation Education (2017)
Perspectives on Lethal Autonomous weapon Systems (2017)
Bringing Democracy to Disarmament: A Historical Perspective on the Special Sessions of the General Assembly Devoted to Disarmament (2016)
Rethinking General and Complete Disarmnet in the Twenty-First Century (2016)
2015 Sessions of the Nuclear Discussion Forum (2015)
New Zealand Lectures on Disarmament (2014)
Gun-Free Zone - A Tool to Prevent and Reduce Armed Violence (2013)
Contrasting Perspectives on Tactical Nuclear Weapons in Europe: Understanding the Current Debates (2013)
Impact of Poorly Regulated Arms Transfers on the Work of the United Nations (2013)
Options for the Further Strengthening of the NPT'S Review Process by 2015 (2012)
Study on the Development of a Framework for Improving End-Use and End-User Control Systems (2011)
Promoting Further Openness and Transparency in Military Matters (2010)
Cyberwarfare and Its Impact on International Security (2010)
Ways to Strengthen the Field of Verification (2010)
Promoting the Universality of the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (2009)
Assessing the United Nations Register of Conventional Arms (2009)
Developing a Biological Incident Database (2009)
Conflict of Interests: Children and Guns in Zones of Instability (2009)
United Nations Seminar on Implementing UN Security Council Resolution 1540 in Latin America and the Caribbean (2007)
United Nations Seminar on Implementing UN Security Council Resolution 1540 in Africa (2007)
United Nations Seminar on Implementing UN Security Council Resolution 1540 in Asia and the Pacific (2006)
Verifying Non-Proliferation & Disarmament Agreements Today (2006)
Symposium on the Relationship between Disarmament and Development (2004)
Multilateral Disarmament and Non-Proliferation Regimes and the Role of the United Nations: An Evaluation (2004)
Disarmament in Conflict Prevention (2003)
Disarmament Agenda for the Twenty-First Century (2002)
Terrorism and Disarmament (2001)
Arms Control and Disarmament: A New Conceptual Approach (2000)
Symposium on Nuclear Doctrines (1999)
Missile Development and Its Impact on Global Security (1999)
Towards a World Free from Nuclear Weapons: Why South Africa Gave up the Nuclear Option (1999)