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African Human Rights Law Journal

Full Text: Vols. 1-18 (2001-2018)
Publisher: Pretoria University Law Press
Publication Website:
ISSN: 1609-073X
Frequency: 2

Additional Information for African Human Rights Law Journal
The African Human Rights Law Journal publishes peer-reviewed contributions dealing with human rights related topics of relevance to Africa, Africans and scholars of Africa. The Journal appears twice a year and is available both as online open access and in print. In 2013 Pretoria University Law Press took over the publication of the Journal which had been published by JUTA since 2000.The journal publishes articles on the work of African regional and sub-regional human rights bodies as well as the work of international bodies related to Africa. The journal also publishes articles on law and human rights in African states as well as social science work related to human rights in Africa.

The Journal appears on the list of accredited journals of the South African Department of Education and is included in the International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS).


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