Volume 5

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Principle of Proximity in Contractual Obligations: The New Turkish Law on Private International Law and International Civil Procedure, The
Evaluation of Restructured Local Governments in Turkey within the Context of the European Charter on Local Self-Government, The
Minority Schools, Foreign and International Schools in the New Law on Private Educational Institutions
Evolving Role of the UNHCR: Should the Conventional Role of the UNHCR Be Expanded, The
Legal and Comparative Aspects of the Republic of Macedonia's Experience in the Campaign against Trafficking in Human Beings, The
Current Issues regarding the Japanese Civil Law Pertaining to Family Law
Cognitive Classification of Legal Principles: A New Approach to International Legal Training
Margin of Appreciation Doctrine Developed by the Case Law of the European Court of Human Rights, The
Right to Personality and Its Different Manifestations as the Core of Personal Data, The