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Annual Review of Criminal Procedure

Full Text: 1st-47th (1971-2018) Prior to the 32nd edition, the Annual Review of Criminal Procedure was part of the Georgetown Law Journal
Indexed: Indexed: Vols. 1st-48th (1971-2019)
Publisher: Georgetown University Law Center
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Frequency: 1

Additional Information for Annual Review of Criminal Procedure
The Georgetown Law Journal Annual Review of Criminal Procedure (ARCP) is the "must-have" reference guide for criminal law practitioners. It is a complete summary of recent decisions in federal criminal procedure, reaching over 1,000 pages in volume!

The ARCP( formerly known as the Criminal Procedure Project) has been hailed as "the most important and widely used law review publication in the U.S" The ARCP provides readers with objective, concise and accurate overview of the criminal procedure in the United States Supreme Court and each of the 12 Federal Circuit Courts.

It is a first stop for legal research, an indispensable courtroom resource, and perfect for unanticipated courtroom issues. Designed to be practical and easy to navigate, the Annual Review is an invaluable tool used by judges, defense attorneys, and prosecutors alike.


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