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Volume 38

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Path to Y: Inviting and including the Next Generation of Members, The
Straight from the Source: What Gen Y/Millennial Lawyers Need Most
NCBP Plenary Introduces Today's Bar Leaders to Tomorrow's Members
Gen What - Experts Give Tips on Communicating with Generations X and Y
Inside Look at Limited Practice for Nonlawyers in Washington and Other States, An
Stepping up - Bar Leaders for Gender Equity in the Legal Profession
Many Ways to Lend a Hand: Bar Associations Innovate, Collaborate to Support Pro Bono
Spotlight on New Pro Bono Projects
Rules of Engagement: Bob Ambrogi's Advice for Reaching Members Now
More than Free CLE: How Bar Communicators, Membership Directors Are Helping New Lawyers
Digital and Print: How to Tell Your Bar's Story
San Fernando Valley Attorney Referral Service Donates $100,000 Fee to Bar Foundation
Affordable Care Act Prescription for Bar Associations and Members: Take in Information Daily, Update Frequently
Affordable Care Act: Where to Fill Your Information Prescription
Life of a Leader: Bar Leader to Launch New Project
North Carolina Bar Association Offers TLC for Lawyers with Cognitive Impairment
Reap What You Sow: Bar Leaders as Cultivators of Civility
Three State Bars Participate in ABA National Dialogue on Civility
Hashtags and Shares for Bar Foundations: Social Media No Longer Optional
Bar Leader as Facilitator, The
12 Key Skills for Facilitative Leaders
NCBP Midyear Plenary Takes up Issue of Legal Education Reform
Chicago Bar Foundation Program Helps New Lawyers, and Moderate-Income Clients
Diversity and Inclusion: Strategy, Collaboration Are Key to Bars' Success
Introducing Two Life of a Leader Correspondents
Learning, Connections, and Photobombing: My Experience at the ABA's BLI 2014
Bar Leadership Ride of a Lifetime: How It Began, The
Welcome Home: Bar Headquarters Move, Renovate, Refocus to Meet Member Needs
Planning, Reserve Funds Help Lancaster Bar Deal with a Home Ownership Pitfall
Fast-paced Program at BLI Tackles the Future of the Profession
Prepare Well, Follow the Plan, and Have Fun: Advice for Presidents-Elect at BLI
Bar Communicators Help Incoming Presidents Sprint toward Great Columns and Interviews
Thank You to Sponsors of BLI 2014
Access Missouri: The Future of the Administration of Justice
Deunification Challenge in Michigan, Big Changes in Nebraska: Part of a Trend
Listen: The South Carolina Bar Fends off an Attack Ad by First Paying Attention to Signals
Social Media for Bar Leaders: Maximizing Its Potential through Engagement, a Personal Touch
In Case You Missed It: Additional Insights from BLI 2014
Holding Inclusive Events: Accessibility and Persons with Disabilities
Announcing a New (and Just for Fun) Contest: One Great Name
Another Look at Bar Association Moves and Remodels