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Brazilian Journal of International Law

Full Text: Vols. 1-16 (2004-2019)
Publisher: University Center of Brasilia (UNICEUB)
Publication Website:
ISSN: 2237-1036
Frequency: 2

Additional Information for Brazilian Journal of International Law
The Brazilian Journal of International Law (Revista de Direito Internacional or RDI) was created as a tool for select and publish academic papers related to issues addressed by public and private international law. The Journal has a good ranking according with the Brazilian system (Qualis B1).

In the quest for development and construction of critical views about international law, the Brazilian Journal of International Law has two main focus:

1. International protection of the human person: covers issues related to international environmental law, humanitarian law, internationalization of law, in addition to research on the evolution of the law of treaties as a way of expanding the contemporary international law.

2. System of legal integration: regional integration (European Union, Mercorsur, NAFTA, ASEAN), sectoral integration (WTO, Human rights), and others.


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