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Full Text: Vols. 1-18 (2002-2019) External to HeinOnline
Publisher: University College Cork
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The Cork Online Law Review at University College Cork, Ireland, is a non-profit Law Review which provides an opportunity for undergraduate and postgraduate students, lawyers, academics and doctorate students worldwide, to have their work published. It is run by an Editorial Board selected by the Editor-in-Chief; under the auspices of The Law Society, University College Cork.

The Cork Online Law Review (more fondly known as COLR) was revolutionary when established by law students who had the vision of forming Ireland's only online law review to be run solely by law students. The Cork Online Law Review is internationally renowned and was referred to by the New York University Law Faculty as 'the leading online law review in Ireland.' Committees have gone from strength to strength in establishing this Review as a well respected and reliable legal source.


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