Volume 6

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Victimization and Attitudes towards Wife Abuse of Impoverished Minority Women
Evaluating the Competing Assumptions of Gottfredson and Hirschi's 1990 - A General Theory of Crime and Psychological Explanations of Aggression
Self-Concept and Delinquency: The Effects of Reflected Appraisals by Parent and Peers
Holiday Revelry and Legal Control of Fireworks: A Study of Neutralization in Two Normative Contexts
Beyond Minneapolis: A Preliminary Theoretical Model for Alleviating Conceptual Ruts in Domestic Violence Intervention Research
Circle of Distortion: The Social Construction of Mass Murder in the United States, A
Kids, Cops, Parents, and Teachers: Exploring Juvenile Attitudes toward Authority Figures
Social Disorganization and the Ability and Willingness to Enact Control: A Preliminary Test
Reactions of Victimized Youth: Strain as an Explanation of School Delinquency
Community, Strain, and Delinquency: A Test of a Multi-Level Model of General Strain Theory
Girl Crew Members Doing Gender, Boy Crew Members Doing Violence: An Ethnographic and Network Analysis of Maria Hinojosa's New York Gangs
Ethical Paradigm for Sex Offender Treatment: Response to Glaser, An
Glaser Response to Levenson and D'Amora
Book Review of State Crime: Goverments, Violence, and Corruption
Book Review of Forensic Psychology: Concepts, Debates, and Practice