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DePaul Journal for Social Justice

Full Text: Vols. 1-12#1 (2007-2018)
Publisher: DePaul University College of Law
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Additional Information for DePaul Journal for Social Justice
The DePaul Journal's goal is to provide practitioners and academics in public interest with a scholarly alternative to traditional law journal publications. Our contributors are free to share the wisdom of their experience without feeling compelled to shed their advocates role or having to cite as comprehensively (and sometimes needlessly) as typical law journals demand. Our contributors are free to take credit for their own ideas. We also like to think of this Journal as an opportunity for public interest advocates to share their aspirations. With the practice of public interest law as encumbered as it is by a lack of resources, overlarge caseloads and continuing restrictions on what kinds of cases can be brought, many lawyers have devised innovative ways to accomplish their goals and still serve the client. We would be delighted to offer those lawyers the pages of our journal to describe their experience in a way that will serve others.


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